Peaceful Transition Of Power - Trump

Once again this week Trump was asked if he should lose the election would he leave office and provide for a peaceful transition.

Once again Trump failed to seize a golden opportunity. Instead of his answer - he will have to wait and see, or words to that effect - words that he is sure to be pounded with during the upcoming debate and probably beyond, the correct and politically powerful response to that question should have been: “I firmly believe in the laws of the land and will respond accordingly. Might I suggest you pose that question to Joe Biden - after all, neither he or Obama or their Party provided for a peaceful transition of power after the 2016 election. Instead, what I and my administration experienced for the last 4 years has been nothing short of an attempted coup d’etat. Now that it’s clear the Russian hoax has failed we see members of the radical Left rioting in the streets, looting, setting fires, attacking police - those rioting and those providing financial and logistical support to them are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Democrat supporters. They are part of the Democrat Party base. The question regarding a peaceful transition when they lose the election would be more appropriately directed to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party leadership in Washington and in the Democrat controlled cities where the rioting is taking place.”. .

Drop the mic and walk off.

Do you believe he will step down gracefully if he loses?

"We want to get rid of the ballots, and you’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly, there’ll be a continuation,”

Sounds like someone who believes in democracy all right.

The Democrats never accepted the results of the 2016 election. They have been waging judicial and congressional violence for the past four + years. Nancy Pelosi brought impeachment again as a weapon to use to combat Trump’s Supreme Court appointment. That is a childish, outrageous proposal. Why isn’t she slammed for that? We all know the answer.

Yes, I wish that Trump could put thing is a more presidential light. But the gist of what he says is no more outrageous than what his opponents say. I wish he had the capacity to express the same concepts but make them more palatable to sensitive ears. Lawyers and skillful politicians know how to do that.

Other presidents have been blunt and outspoken. My 6th grade teacher, who was male and close to 70 years old, thought the Harry Truman was one of the most uncouth presidents ever. Yet Truman, like Trump, pulled off one of the biggest political upsets ever. Why? Because he presented his message forcefully and honestly instead of pussyfooting around the issues the way Dewey did. Let’s hope it happens again.

Haven’t we had enough of “lawyers and skillful politicians” by now? I know that I have.

Yes, I know we have had enough of the “slick Willies,” but unfortunately that’s what often wins elections. The best we had on all counts in the modern era was Ronald Reagan.

From the 1992 presidential campaign -

There is very little Trump does gracefully. He will grouse and question, but yes, he will step down. Unlike modern-day Democrats, there will be no intimidation by way of Republican rioting, looting and shooting police and destroying businesses.

As for getting rid of the ballots, unless some of you are terminally obtuse, you know Trump was inarticulately referring to the indiscriminate and, therefore, uncontrollable/unaccountable mailing out of ballots without the request of the resident - unlike the absentee process. Such mailings will no doubt ensure the election will not be decided until well beyond election day, as challenges from both sides is all but assured - thus undermining people’s faith in the most fundamental of constitutional processes…

By the way - there was nothing “slick” or particularly skillful in the Trump response I proposed in the post - it was merely a statement of the obvious utilizing facts and complete sentences.

That may be asking a bit much from 45.

I’m still skeptical it will go down without a fight. A legal battle form of coup, if he loses. How he sets this up is not in the “getting rid of the ballots” part of his statement, it’s the notion that if we “get rid of the ballots” there will be a “continuation of power” rather than a transition. That’s uh, not great language to use from someone who fawns over dictators. I’m hoping that the rest of the Republicans in office won’t let this come to pass if we’re faced with it, but I’m uncertain.

You know, I thought so too at one point, but after the last 4 years I’ve had enough of the alternative

At least THIS President gets things done FOR Americans instead of fawning over the rest of the world at our expense.

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I don’t know, things feel quite a bit worse and more unstable than they did 4 years ago. I’m not a fan of the Tax Cuts and Jobs act, but I can understand why some are. Other than that though, I can’t think of anything he’s really done in terms of major bills. I was expecting more during the first 2 years when the Republicans had full control of congress.

Me too, but we were saddled with Ryan as Speaker for both those years and he HATED President Trump and refused to do ANYTHING to help him except allow the tax cuts he demanded.

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The reason things “feel” quite a lot worse" to you is because your party is rioting/setting fire to businesses owned by those with their life savings tied up. Biden dealing with China? Are you kidding - he and his boy are in bed with the bastards. As for major bills - it takes the House Dems to compromise - they have been focused on one thing only - do whatever is necessary to undermine the results of the 2016 election. Trump has done more for the middle class than any presidency since Reagan. Trump has pharmaceutical companies working at break-neck speed to bring forth a vaccine. Do you really think Biden would have had the balls to sit down with these CEOs and tell them which way is u?. Hell no!! Biden is useless - always has been. The guy is in early stages of dementia for god’s sake. No serious political party - one that gave a damn about the country - would ever nominate a man in his condition. Unless, of course, those non-elected radicals behind the scenes wanted a puppet POTUS.

I never said I was a Democrat. Tons of Republicans can’t stand Trump.

And those Republicans need to get their heads out of their ass. The opposition is now a bunch of communists, and that is not hyperbole. If Joe McCarthy were alive today, he would not be over the top. The Democrat Party is now supported by want to be communists who have no idea what they are pushing on us. They are totally naive. They were only know what their college professors and high school teachers have programmed in their heads.

If you want to play Romney Republican and vote for Biden, you are flushing you country down the toilet. Hold you nose and vote for Trump or get ready to go to communist hell. Biden will be in office for less than a year. Harris will either be puppet or full blow socialist. She will have no choice. It will be that or she will get a new chapter in **Profiles in courage. ** Harris does have the brains or integrity to get a chapter in the body ok.m

I’m not buying it. Trump is dangerously incompetent. Just this once, I’m going Democrat. Many of my younger Republican friends are doing the same. The way Trump is dragging the GOP reputation through the mud, there may never be a GOP president again if he gets another 4 years. He’s played a huge part in radicalizing the youth of this country against the GOP.

Gotta play the long game here

So you are voting for Harris. Good to know. I wish that you could be forced to live with your decision without dragging the rest of us along with you. Perhaps you could move to Cuba and live under system for which you are voting. Harris, AOC and Bernie Sanders are not Hubert Humphrey.

I’ll take my chances on the future. I know for sure I don’t want to go the direction the Democrats have in mind or the direction Trump is taking the GOP

When left takes over, there will be no going back. The left controls the party. Listen to what AOC says on the environment, among other things, Beto O’Roark says on guns and Bernie Sanders says on taxes and regulations. All of them have Biden’s ear; there are no moderate voices there. Listen to Nancy Pelosi on packing the Supreme Court. All of it will have a strong possibility of becoming law and policy if the Democrats control both houses of Congress and the Whitehouse.

In prior periods of history, there were more conservative elements in the Democrat Party that kept the radicals in check. The Supreme Court did not get packed in FDR’s time, and Obama Care did get passed easily, which kept him from doing more mischief. The radicals run the Democrats now. Look at who ran for president in the primaries. Aside from John Delaney, who out of the race quickly, there were no moderate voices. When asked if they would give medical care to illegal aliens, every hand went up.

If you think you are voting for Biden, you are delusional. He is too fragile and mentally unstable to be President. He will last no longer than a year, if that. Harris, who has the most radical voting record in the Senate, is the real candidate.

I know you don’t like Trump because of his abrasive ways, or perhaps you are just a Democrat who is here to bedevil us. Whatever your motivations, I have laid out the case for voting for him, looking at the opposition. Later I will lay out the case FOR TRUMP.

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@Gene, Will you please explain why you think that Trump is incompetent? What don’t you like about his policies?