Peaceful Transition Of Power - Trump

It’s been a lot of things, but I think the final straw has been the unmitigated disaster of Covid-19.

A lot of the things he does are pretty transparently to protect his own image and re-election chances. Hearing him say in his own words he was trying to “play it down” was too far for me. I’d known he was playing it down based on other other countries, like Italy, but to find out he knew he was playing down the danger and severity is unforgivable.

This may have a personal element admittedly. I had a cousin who was a nurse during all this. He was young and healthy, but there’s something called “viral load” where the more viral particles you come into contact with, the more severe your symptoms tend to become. This was earlier on too, during the worse part of the PPE shortage, when doctors and nurses were forced to use trash bags in lieu of masks. In any case, my cousin passed away a few months back. His widow contracted it as well and her lung function isn’t back to normal months later.

To have my family go through this and hear out of his mouth he knew how deadly it was before we had any cases in the U.S., even for young people, I can’t stomach voting for him.

Obviously I can’t do anything to dissuade you given your personal vendetta against Trump. I think you are wrong because the course you are taking will do irreparable damage to the country. Once socialists get their hooks into a government, nothing short of a revolution can remove them.

I don’t blame Trump for downplaying the virus. What good would it have done to have declared a national panic? Would that have made the situation any better? Jimmy Carter and Herbert Hoover both tried that with crisis they faced. It only made the situation worse be demoralizing the nation and ended their presidencies.

In his inaugural address, Franklin Roosevelt said, “What we have to fear is fear itself.” That downplayed the issue below its actual level, but it gave the country optimism and hope.

On the positive side, Trump got the ventilators built. He cut off travel from China when the Democrats were calling his policies “xenophobic.” He gave New York City the Javits Center clinic and brought the hospital ship in when it appeared that the city hospital system would overwhelmed. He did similar things for California.

So far as shutting the whole down over this thing, that was not possible. The economy had to keep going on some level to keep people fed and housed. Trump was not responsible for the shortage of medical supplies. If anything, his policies kept the economy moving so that it could gear up to make them.

The last time our nation faced a pandemic like this was in 1918. That time, the policy mostly was that the governments of the World let the disease run its course, and it killed 50 to 100 million people world-wide. The disease struck in the winter of 1918, backed off in the summer and came back avengance in the fall. By the following winter, it mysteriously disappeared. Maybe that was what Trump was thinking about when he made his statements about a quick end the plague a few months ago.

It’s not about the prevention of panic though, it was about the protection of his image. Other countries around the world were far more candid about the potential dangers. Anyone paying attention globally knew he was acting deceptively.

I was fairly pleased with the ventilator outcomes, but I’m hesitant to give him credit for the China travel ban. The 2 primary issues with that are the viral DNA found throughout New York, our first major outbreak, was much closer to that of European strains than Chinese. Essentially, our outbreak came from Europe. Second, he only implemented the travel ban after major airlines had announced they were stopping travel between the U.S. and China. Essentially, he was trying to take credit for something that already happened. I think the “xenophobic” remarks stem from only banning China at the time, when the virus had already spread to Europe. It was a symbolic ban if anything, too little too late.

Nonsense, Gene. President Trump doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about his “image” other than his wish to be perceived as an effective, patriotic American president…just like ANY president does, except for some Democrats I can name. We’ve not had a President in my lifetime (other than possibly Ronaldus Magnus) who loved this country as much as President Trump does. Clinton and Obama both were in it for the fame and fortune ALONE. Both of them became fabulously wealthy following their tenures. NO Republican ex-President has done that in the last 120 years.

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I am coming to the conclusion that you are just a never Trump RINO. Having been burned by McCain and especially Romney, I have no sympathy for that position.

In what ways do you feel burned by those 2? For them having lost to Obama?

Also, this demonstrates one of the things I detest most about Trump. Anyone who doesn’t support him gets labeled a RINO. It makes me afraid the GOP is on its last limb, and being taken over by Trumpism.

I’d rather the country fall to what you call “Trumpism” than to fall into Communism, which is what the Democrats are pushing for. Frankly, I’m too old to be forced to go to war again to beat Communism back from our shores–but I WILL if necessary.

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That’s the other piece of this. I’m not convinced on the “Democrats are communists” rhetoric. Most of the nation doesn’t buy it anymore either. Obama was called all sorts of names like socialist and communist, but it just wasn’t true. I didn’t like him, but he was a capitalist through and through. It’s a bit boy who cried wolf at this point to keep calling the opposition communist, and rings of McCarthyism.

If the GOP wants a future, it must reject these types of attacks. Focusing more on what they can do for Americans in Congress, not what the other side will supposedly take away. How will you get new people to join with such a heavy stick approach? In terms of the carrot/stick

Look at who runs the Democrat Party now. Obama is the “conservative.” The leaders are AOC, Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Roark for their gun policy. There are no “moderates” on the Biden team. Who does he pick as his running mate? Harris, despite the fact that she has a more liberal Senatorial voting record than Sanders, and couldn’t last long enough in the primaries to make it to the Iowa Caucuses.

Sanders and AOC are socialists. Would you like to dispute that? Black Lives Matter, which is a Democrat organization, are self described communists.

Only an uninformed or a person in denial can ignore these facts.

Need I remind you of McCain’s flamboyant no vote on the appeal of Obamacare, which was one of his last public acts? Romney voted to remove Trump from office. Both of these men received the highest honor that the Republican Party could offer, the presidential nomination. What they did was a thumb in the eye for those of who supported them with our volunteer time and our money.

If I had disagreed with the party that had honored me, I would have done it quietly. I would not make a public display out of it. It’s a matter of respect for those who supported you.

These two have done more that made me angry and disappointed, but those acts illustrate the point.

What more proof do you NEED to be convinced that the Democrats have dropped their masks and are going full-blown Socialist/Communist? They’re supporting an ADMITTEDLY Marixist organization with their money (and ours) AND with their rhetoric, just for one example.

Obama cozied up to Putin more than Hillary did and seems to LOVE the Cuba regime.

And once Obama opened an embassy in Cuba, they attacked it with waves that caused our personnel to go deaf. The Cuban communists are either as stupid as they seem, or they are afraid that the American tourists would threaten their regime. It was a dumb move, but it shows what kind of people they are.

Well, them releasing a platform that looks remotely socialist/communist/marxist (pick 1 by the way, they’re not interchangable) would be a start

Trump is the best Republican president we’ve had since Eisenhower minimum. The party brand was Bush and Romney, who are complete garbage.
But you are right, there will never again be a Bush/Romney style Republican president. Trump has already assured that. The old party is dead, and the shittiest Republicans have already jumped over to the pegging line for Harris.

Of course not, Joe Biden is more conservative than many Republicans in the 80s. As Obama said, had he been a politician three decades before, he’d have been a Rockerfeller Republican. Joe is cut from the same cloth.

I would be thrilled if my local Republican Party mailers were true and Joe Biden was “controlled by the radical left, like Sanders, AOC, and Omar”. I’d still vote for Trump, but it would at least be two good options. Instead we’ll get two new wars, a boon to private health insurance, and a renewed TPP - pretty much the opposite of a Sanders administration.

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The old fashioned Bush style Republicans can’t win any more. They have failed their constituents. Bush 41 wimped out to Bill Clinton and Bush 43 left office in disgrace. Jeb was boring and dull. He showed no energy.

In the mean time all of the leading Democrats have a kick-ass approach. Look at how Schumer, Pelosi, AOC, Omar and rest of operate. They aren’t polite or nice. They approach politics like you would a verbal war.

Like Trump you fight with them on their terms, or you politely lose, like Romney and McCain did. The Democrats stole votes and fought like hell in 2000 and 2016. They were close to doing it in 2004. I heard the fraud comments from an Ohio labor operative at a political items convention after that election. Politics is now a blood sport, and the nice guys, who play by the rules lose.

Nonsense. EVERY Communist regime in history was FIRST Socialist until they garnered enough support to become full-blown communist.

Party platforms mean nothing. I think it was Bob Dole in 1996 who didn’t agree with one of planks the party gave him. He immediately disavowed it.

Have you ever heard a newsperson cite the party platform when they were talking about a candidate’s position on the issues? I am a political items collector and a “political junkie.” I never have heard them cite the platform after the conventions were over.

I have never seen the word “platform” on a campaign pin. Platforms had some relevance in the 19th century before the advent of the modern news media. They pretty much disappeared in importance after the radio became a household fixture in the 1920s.

It’s obvious that you are going to vote the communists in this election. Go ahead. It’s a free country, but it won’t be one when the Socialist Democrats get done with it.

If you have guns, you had better hide them because Beto O’Rourke will be by to confiscate them after Inauguration Day. He made that promise during the primary season, and Biden has made O’Rourke his “gun tsar.”

Judging by what they’ve been calling “mostly peaceful” lately, I suggest that what they’ll call “a peaceful transition of power” after the election (whether they win or not) will be shooting President Trump, burning down the White House and dragging GOP bodies through the streets of D.C. behind a U-Haul van full of Molotov cocktails.

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A Democrat win in November, if it includes both houses of congress and based on the Dem Party’s own statements, would likely mean statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, open borders (new Dem voters), expanded/packed Supreme Court and the end of the filibuster in the Senate.

So, for the Democrats on this site, what exactly would that mean in the broadest sense? Answer: It would mean the US would become a one party nation. Such a state of affairs is generally referred to as a dictatorship. Oh, there might be Russian-style “elections”, but one has to be incredibly stupid to believe one’s life would not come under an incredible level of control by the state.

In my opinion, we are very close to seeing it play out just as I described above - keep in mind, not all items I listed above would necessarily have to occur for a one-party outcome - statehood and open borders, by themselves would get it done, with expansion of the court no doubt to follow. We are very close to giving our country/freedoms away to the statists. Once done, we will NOT be able to ever reverse the outcome.

Thank you China - your plan is working to perfection. It is exactly why I built in Costa Rica.

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