Pedophile Democrats use high school students for Lap Dances

Because you are an expert on Tennessee and you know who all the school board members there, and you know all the teachers there? Right? You know them all? Thats why you are laughing?

Oh, wait, you don’t? You don’t know all the teachers there? Oh, that’s right, you don’t. You don’t know anything at all except your hate and your propaganda and your fake news and your TDS.

But WE know something: We know you are defending these sick perverts.

CPS/CYS/CFS or whatever alphabet-soup name they go by (it varies from state to state) has an unsavory history of anti-family activism, their ostensive purpose not withstanding. Too often, when a well-meaning person gets into one of their agencies, they end up leaving because so many of them (the agencies) are corrupt. Some of them might be good, but too many are not.


Trump was the only president ever to my knowledge to actively take steps to end child trafficking

This picture should be front page of the democrats website. If it’s not already.

of course no democrat does. The name of this thread, accompanied by its photos tells you everything you need to know about lefties. At least the adults aren’t wearing fur-suits. (in the pictures, no telling what they do at home)

No democrat has moved forward publicly or privately, to move the age of consent, loosen incest, or bestiality. Democrats are very sexual on a whole yes, but when it comes to those three topics they are gross. 8chan where Qanon posted had 3 boards related to those topics. It is not a left wing phenomenon. Read the mass sexual psychology of fascism (1933).

LoL- either you are pretending to be ignorant on multiple posts or you really are capable of seeing the light

Lets stop out of politics for a second. There is literally a biblical war between good and evil. Both parties are guilty of countless amounts of evil. The devil plays on different weaknesses to get different types of people to do different kinds of wrongs. A rebellious liberal trust fund brat may be more inclined to hedonistic homosexuality is that hard to believe? An over worked father wanting some semblance of his youth, constricted within the confines of a conservative environment might abuse his child or another persons because he was attempting to find his youth in that. They are both evil, one I’d kill (creeps) the another annoys me (queers).

Democrats hate kids for one simple reason, they don’t wanna grow up, they wanna compete in a safe space. I’m guilty of the not wanting to grow up thing, not the safe space thing. I don’t wanna throw my PlayStation 4 away. It drives me nuts that my son, and I have to compete for my wife’s time. Conservatives miss their youth, progressives/liberals won’t grow up etc. You ever see a 40 year old man rocking a smashing pumpkins shirt at a Bush Concert yeah thats me.

Republicans feel old the time they hit 21. They start despising people younger than them really early. The not in my backyard, the get off my lawn mentality. They never explored or experimented in their teens they often worked hard at school or sports. So they get to their 30s and 40s and alot of them work social policy jobs at churches, as mentors, as sports educators and they mess up and hurt the people they were supposed to protect.

What are my sins, Laziness I’ll be open because I am trying to show you I am sincere. I am lazy, so lazy it upsets me to no end I keep trying to find new ways to beat it but it finds new ways to beat me. I want 2 Y’s for ever 1 Y I give. It’s not sustainable we reap what we sow. I’m also a bit envious of those who live with less rules. I get upset that I hold myself to one standard and another person does something awful, and I’m like ugh I judge, thats wrath right there constantly judging with pretense.

Just when you start making sense, you inject some complete insanity. :expressionless:

They never rebelled or did what most liberal teens did. They never got it out of their system.

I rest my case

Everything you just said is false. Everything youve said in this thread is false. You live in a fantasy world, pulling BS out of your rear and pretending it is facts. You don’t know anything about anything.

But you do know how to defend pedophiles and perverts. Bravo.

Your right I’m evil I’m a little freak who deserves to be gassed yep I’m the Democratic opposition I’m sorry mein furher you are so enlightened bring back the trump to punish those awful democrat’s. Dehumanize me I’m not human I don’t deserve representation in a democracy I am not worth it rule me destroy me you are a God and Democrats are just evil folks. You are perfection and truth and light and love.

If only I were a hacker. :slight_smile:

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