Pelosi's response to State Of The Union Speech


PELOSI: Absolutely. Actually, President Obama was a job creator from day one. Because of initiatives he took when he became president and his recovery package and other federal action, 3 1/2 million jobs were either created or saved. Economists say that without those initiatives, instead of 9 1/2, unacceptable, 9 1/2 percent unemployment we would have 14 1/2 percent unemployment in our country, a depression. So he has created more jobs and last year than were created more private sector jobs than were created in the eight years of the Bush administration. It is not enough. It is certainly not enough but he’s on the right path.

Pelosi on State of the Union: Obama Was ‘Job Creator’ from ‘Day One’ -

Where did that 9.5 figure come from? When Bush left unemployment was less and under the democrats unemployment has risen. I would guess if a doctor put a flashlight to one side of Pelosi’s head they could see a light shining on the opposite wall through the ears


I strongly suspect Alzheimer’s is her excuse.


[quote=“JStang, post:2, topic:28972”]
I strongly suspect Alzheimer’s is her excuse.
[/quote]Thus her statement earlier when she said “we have lost 500 million jobs a month”

Pelosi: 500 million jobs lost every month « Hot Air


A population of 300 million, and we’re losing 500 million jobs a month? Pelosi better go back and take 3rd grade math.


Pelosi is just a BIG LIAR. She makes my head hurt.



She is also a stupid liar.


Nah, I think she’s just senile. She is prob. wearing Diapers too.


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Nah, I think she’s just senile. She is prob. wearing Diapers too.
[/quote]You probably do not realize this but older peope have medical problems and some have to wear diapers because of urinary problems so in the light that is really not a put down