Pelousi: Voters are not going to decide

the impeachment issue.

Pelosi: ‘The Voters Are Not Going to Decide’ Impeachment Issue

Voters…you have no say.

This is a Democrat coup in progress…and voters just need to shut up!

A reporter asked, “At what point might you say let’s just let the voters decide.”Pelosi said, “The voters are not going to decide whether we honor our oath of office. They already decided that in the last election.”

Yes, that’s the new Democrat universal tag line. One of them used it on Fox News today, “The people are not going to decide,” from this Ohio Democrat leader.

It funny how they all use the same words.

Well they are still not happy with our decision NOvember 2016. They’ll fix that for us if they can.

The same decision where Hillary had millions more votes than Trump but Trump got in regardless? Sounds like voters have been used to the idea they have no say since before this issue…

And why should New York and California elect the President of the United States in every election? Where does that leave the small states? If all of president has to do is cater to New York, California and Illinois to get elected, then all the Small states have left is the Senate were every state gets two senators.

I am all for you liberals moving to California and turning it into a commune. You can go out there and turn it as far left as you want. It can be filled with homeless people tents, drug needles littering the streets and feces everywhere.

All I want is somewhere decent to live, when I don’t have be beneath the wheel of your oppressive system. It’s not much to ask, but it’s too much for you “so-called progressives” to grant to anyone.

You have to control everyone, and anyone who does not agree with you needs to be subjugated or eradicated. That’s your system.


I see @Sendgop replied to your uninformed post. Get over it hilliary.

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I’ve no desire to move back to California. Thanks.

Fun Fact: I didn’t vote for Hilary. How “Progressive” of me. Huuuurrrrrr.

I didn’t say you voted for hilliary. I called you hilliary.

“I’ve no desire to move back to California.”;

That statement shows a level of good sense. More and more middle class people are leaving the state.Middle class people can’t make it there with the sky high property costs and astronomically high taxes.

What puzzles me is the property values. Why would anyone want to spend that much money to live in hell?

Then don’t. You know little of his politics. Broadbrushing is tasteless.

That’s what he sounded like.