I am seeing a lot of depression and defeatist attitudes that are exactly what the media wants to establish regarding this election result, that has been going on nefariously for 5 years against Trump but it still seems to have some power so I will offer some encouragement.

Pennsylvania will be the 1st State I address, these arguments also apply to Arizona, Wisconsin and Michigan because they all have the same rules but they had a smaller percentage of fraud.

Pennsylvania is not like California or Nevada, you had to request a mail in ballot to receive one and for that ballot to be valid it has to be post marked by election day and the envelope signed with a signature that matches the signature on file in the State voter registry.

I estimate that Pennsylvania has 500,000 fraudulent votes, some of that will be blatant counting “errors” but the vast majority will be fraud in the mail in ballots.

That means a LOT of ballots by registered voters who did not request them, a LOT of envelopes with invalid signatures and a LOT of envelopes without a valid post mark.

In other words the evidence will be easy to find for the majority of the fraud, only the “counting errors” that will require hand counting will be tedious and slow but there is more than enough fraud in the mail in ballots to give Trump the State.

If nothing else please remember, Democrats are nothing if not stupid, their willingness to break the law to get what they want is reason to fear them but there is just no reason to fear their intellect; they have never been smart enough to cover their tracks effectively.


One thing I’ve been wondering about is whether each envelope is required to be kept with the ballot or if they’re potentially discarded.

They cannot be discarded and each envelope is bar coded to the ballot it was sent with, this is where the fraud was and this must be the focus of the challenge.

I have sent this to Devon Nunes (my congressman) in the hope that he will pass it along to the Trump team just in case they haven’t considered this, I am almost certain that they have but I haven’t heard anyone talking about it yet so I am hoping it will make it to them somehow :crossed_fingers:

My bet is the illegal ballots have been mixed in with the legitimate ballots so that you can’t tell the difference. That’s why the poll watchers were not allowed within 50 feet of the vote count while that was going on. The Pennsylvania officials defied the court order until that process was completed.

The only thing that could bring this to light would be a whistle blower, and that probably will not happen.

The ballots are coded to the envelope and the envelope is part of the ballot since it verifies the voter, the envelopes are where the proof of the most fraud will be found. No envelope corresponding with the ballot means that the ballot is not legal :+1:

I would not it put passed those poll workers to destroy the envelopes so that there is not audit trail. Election corruption has been the trademark in Philadelphia for generations. Even if fraud is shown, with no ability to weed out the fraudulent ballots, the decision can’t be reversed.

The Philadelphia Democrats have been cooking the books for years. They have the lose ends tied up. Let’s be ready for what the Democrats will be up to in Georgia in January.

No envelope means the ballot doesnt count, the signed and verified envelope is the validating factor in the vote by mail system according to the rules of all 6 States in question; if the envelopes don’t exist or are not signed then the votes don’t get counted and Trump wins in a landslide.

I cannot stress this enough, focus on the envelopes and ask your Congressional Representative to speak to the media about the importance of that verification; it is the Law and it is where the evidence will be found of the fraud.

Good luck on getting a thoroughly corrupt Republican Party to go digging into tabulation fraud.
Serious question, do you believe that it is almost exclusively Democrats who do this, or do many establishment Republicans rely on election fraud to continue to stay in power(especially in primaries)?

I can’t say I know how legitimate almost any election is, because most of it is not possible to audit. The system could be designed, such as a real time public update of a voter tally at each precinct(totals only, not marking while individual showed up). Then a voting machine run a unique vendor who operates in no more than five non-adjacent states, which prints out a paper with your vote and a QRC code on it. Feed the receipt into a vote scanner operated by a different vendor. Then you can match all three to ensure the numbers work. While not impossible to rig, it would be extremely difficult.

The Al Franken/Norm Coleman thing in 2008 demonstrated how easy it is to do this. “Down by 800? Oh look, I just found 1,200 in my trunk!”.

I’d need better info on the PA one, but it doesn’t sound fool-proof.

I never said there was tabulation fraud and the GOP has absolutely nothing to do with revealing the fraud.

I have never seen any credible evidence of election fraud by the GOP and I have seen mountains of evidence of election fraud by the Democrats; if you can show me some evidence that “both sides do it” please do so.

The only time the Presidency was stolen was by Democrats in 1960, this year would be the 2nd if anyone not as strong as Trump were the recipient of the attack.

Those are the facts, those who “believe” anything without facts are not worthy of anything but mockery.

Do you count systemic voter suppression?

Be honest, do you really not perceive the cult of personality Trump built for himself? Who calls an elected leader “strong?” That’s some Mussolini type language.

Nonsense. Ronald Reagan was what I’d call a “strong” leader and so was FDR. Admittedly, FDR was a LOT closer to being a Mussolini than Reagan was, however.

The way people idolize Reagan is super weird too. Why is it Republicans love Hollywood types so much?

Hardly, Gene. Have you been asleep for the past 4 years?

Yeah, I was there when y’all elected the reality tv guy.

All I’m saying is for a group that claims to hate hollywood, it’s pretty odd that the 2 most elevated Republicans in the modern era got their start in TV and movies…

Which has NOTHING whatsoever to do with “Hollywood types”. He certainly is nothing of the sort. The Hollywood types are the ones threatening to blow up the White House because they don’t like who lives there now, are wishing him dead of Covid-19 and threatening to punch him in the face.

Pretty much every great leader was described as “strong” in their day, it is a testament to how they hold up under the pressures they face when they hold their position; your Party has not elected any that could be described as “strong” since Truman so you resent the term :rofl:

There is no such thing, the Racists always try to make the argument that various ethnic groups are just not smart enough to find a polling place on election day or figure out how to get a photo ID but everyone who is not a Racist knows that is a bunch of crap.

That Racist Party would be yours :wink::joy:

So you are under the impression that Trump “got his start” in TV? :rofl:

I don’t think you guys ever realize just how much you reveal about your lack of education when you write posts :joy:

Trump may have become a “famous person” to you when he did that TV show but educated people knew him very well for many decades before he started goofing around on TV :roll_eyes::wink:

Since the most lucrative locations for voter fraud are the big cites which tend to have leftist poll workers, I don’t know if I’d say “almost exclusively,” but I would certainly opine that election fraud in this country is largely Democrat.

I don’t see strong evidence in 2020 either. I see abnormalities and things that look like possible fraud. That’s all I’ve ever seen. I saw unusual numbers in 2012 in Broward in Florida. Was it fraud? It might have been, it looked odd. But I don’t know it was. Ohio in 2004 looked odd. Was it legitimate? I don’t know for sure, there were serious abnormalities. That’s what I see in 2020. A lot of unusual things that may be fraud, and may be legitimate.

The only case where I’m pretty confident fraud occurred was DWS’s primary challenge, where they literally burned the ballots and wiped the flash drives and voting machines while under a court order to review them. Nothing was done about this, btw. She’s still in congress and no one even paid a fine over it. It was just dropped outright. I expect the same in PA.

None of this stuff is secure and it’s impossible to audit. We need to change how all of this is tracked and verified. Absolutely no public company would be allowed to handle their financial reporting this way.