Comparing any former election to this year’s mail in ballot election is ridiculous, the former rules and methods provided decent assurance that large scale fraud was very difficult to do; I won’t go through how easy it is to make fraud look legitimate under this year’s model again but suffice to say that there is only ONE meaningful check in place and that is removed if the envelopes are not verified and poll watchers are not allowed to witness the verification process during counting.

5000 plus votes were given to Biden that were Trump votes in Pennsylvania, that was corrected and Trump took the county.

A similar event was just revealed in Georgia, that correction put Trump in the Statewide lead.

Both of those were the result of whistle-blowers made uneasy by the Presidents push to keep fighting until the counts are verified.

Wisconsin is having to claim a 90 percent voter turnout rate to explain their numbers, does anyone want to claim that is believable?

In Pennsylvania the signature authentication was waived in the cities, that is not only a violation of the law but it removes the only check in the process. They also sent out the mail in ballots without a signed request from the voter; also a violation of State law.

I am hearing some rumors about Nevada that I won’t post yet but they are consistent with my theories in the Nevada thread.

So I would ask anyone who is claiming that they “haven’t seen much evidence” what they would call these events?

Why are all of these occurrences adding Biden support if they are simply “mistakes”?

Why are the Democrats opposing the investigation when there is plenty of time and what is at stake is the integrity and public confidence in the the entire election structure?

I laughed at Gore but I didn’t want the recounts to stop as long as they were being observed by both sides, I also don’t remember any laws being broken in Florida during that mess; just an antiquated ballot system and a lot of old people having trouble with it.

There are no similar elections to this year and no other time when fraud was so easy to accomplish, the evidence so far coupled with the circumstantial evidence and the broken laws justify an observed recount that follows the rules set by each States legislature in these States; there is plenty of time and nothing to lose except the stink of corruption whichever way it turns out.

The envelopes are coded to the ballots and are required by law to remain with the ballot as a substitute for the signed ledger at a polling place, it is also required by law to verify the signature of the envelopes as a match to signature of the voter on file in States voter registry.

That is most certainly NOT impossible to secure, it was in fact the assurance given to voters that this system would have integrity.

And that assurance is worth as much as any other politicians promise. The evidence has been burned by now… oops, it was an honest mistake!

By law a missing envelope means that the ballot is not legal and can not be counted, the envelopes are part of the ballot.

If they destroyed the envelopes Trump wins according to the election laws in each of the 6 states :+1:

If true, then it ceases to be a secret ballot.

No ballots are “secret” to the election board, when you sign the book in person the ballot you are handed is sequentially linked to your signature, this data is accessible to those authorized to see the data; in fact you are given a stub from the ballot so that you can track it yourself if you choose to do so.

The secrecy is designed to avoid intimidation at the polling place, the booths are shielded and the ballot is placed in a sheath so the other voters and poll workers cannot see who you voted for and react; it is a voting measure not an absolute measure.

In fact the envelopes have your name and address even if you don’t sign them, the ballot inside is seen by whoever opens the envelope.