People are shooting each other for food and water


‘People are shooting each other for food and water’: Bahamas Hurricane Dorian death toll will be…

The Bahamas have a murder rate on par with South Africa or Brazil. About six times greater than the USA.

Their hold on the rule of law is very slim. It is totally imposed top-down.

We will get incredible stories of savagery as news starts leaking out.

In the U.S., with heavily armed neighborhoods, when government breaks down, neighborhood militias spontaneously form in a day, preserving order and a rough rule of law.


Most of the homes in the Abacos are little better than shacks. There was never any possibility that they could withstand winds like those Dorian brought them.


Sad, very sad. I lived through Hurricane Andrew that hit south Florida in August 1992. Our house was pretty much undamaged, but houses across the pond were hit very hard. One guy’s “Florida Room” (a screened in patio) was in the pond and another guy’s Florida room wound up on his roof. Homestead was hit the hardest and is still not back to “normal”. Many people who evacuated never came back. I was 2 weeks away from moving back to Chicago with boxes all lined up inside the house. As I was driving north on I-95 I could see convoys of emergency vehicles, etc., going south. They all say that Katrina was the worst, but Andrew had much higher winds (210mph before the instrument broke). Interesting note: when helicopters flew over Homestead, it looked like an atomic bomb had gone off, but there were 2-3 homes that stayed up. They were built before the latest building code so could withstand heavy winds and rain.


I am a born and raised south Florida native and also made it through Andrew!

I and my family have gone through a few of these ‘storms’ since 1952. :sunglasses:


Sean Connery lives full time in the Bahamas. He road out the hurricane at his villa.

Said he fell in love with the place after filming Dr No.


That was VERY stoopid of him. Anyone who thinks they can “ride out” a hurricane has never gone through one. They are extremely dangerous because besides the damaging wind and rain, they spawn tornadoes as well.


But, but, but James Bond has gone through much worse than a silly little storm! :sunglasses:


Really depends on what kind of shelter he has, I suppose


I suppose, but nevertheless he is playing with his life. Maybe he has an underground bunker.