People did this for no reason (This Breaks My Heart!)

I know that I can be indifferent at times and even a little bit … some would call mean!
(Only a ‘little’ bit though)

And yes, it is rare that I find something or someone who can reduce me to almost human!
Now that I’ve given my Sunday confession I can truly say that … This affected me greatly!

‘People did this for no reason’: community reaction to riots, neighborhood damage

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but i’ll bet stephanie votes democrat.

It should break everyone’s heart. This is not protesting. This is a bunch of wild animals destroying businesses and STEALING from the businesses they bust into. I don’t know the answer to this but Farracan’t, Jesse, and the dems can pick it up and put it on their chest and say, I did this.


In my opinion…hard and cold as it seems, These things are all the natural result of how these people have been voting and behaving. We all have to suffer for our bad decisions and behavior. This is their time. I’m not going there to do any thing but neither do I care if they are going to have to suffer those consequences.

That seems to be the feelings of a lot of folks.
The problem is that not everyone that lives in a “blue” district" or state votes democrat.

I don’t know how the lady voted but I have a theory on this election business and why/how the same scum keeps rising to the top!

It’s simple: When a local government is completely blue, (leftist scum) including the Supervisor of Elections …

Well, you can see where this is going?

To be clear …

No, I didn’t include the popular never proved Stalin " … Who counts the vote" statement because … it has never been proven to have been said by Stalin.

Speaking about why people riot, bust up businesses, and steal is partly the fault of white Americans. You see, back in the 60’s and perhaps even before that, white Americans were told that we were the problem of minorities not being able to get jobs, purchase necessary items for everyday living, etc. So, we (whites) felt sorry and so started (with the impetus of our “leaders”) excusing bad behavior by minorities and just sweeping them under the carpet. Well, the racial bait masters took notice. And as the years went by, more and more crimes and rioting was “ignored” by most whites as a logical result of white racism. And, as we passed through the decades, riots, looting, killing, etc., were simply ignored. By the time the 21st century rolled along, whites feared being called “racist” more than any other pejorative. Whites would rather be called thieves or rapists than to be labeled a racist. And this is where we find ourselves. What’s saddest part is that there are so many hard working, good natured, kind minorities that get lost in the shuffle. I don’t think there will ever be a fix for all of this. We’re too far gone.


You are SO right on that whole thing…but I am not quite ready to give in yet. It may be a losing battle in the long run…(we will be taken over by godless liberalism before the rapture and second coming) but till then, I am digging in my heels.

There was a black woman on local TV last night making several “demands.” One of them was that the City subsidize the establishment of a supermarket in a NE neighborhood because when the last one relocated, it meant that many black people had to walk long distances or ride a bus to grocery shop. What she DID NOT mention was that the REASON the last supermarket in that neighborhood closed was because it couldn’t make a profit because of all the shoplifting and multiple armed robberies they’d endured.


So true, Pappa. I heard the same thing in Chicago, Michigan, and Florida. Many businesses and shops in black neighborhoods closed up and moved to safer areas because they couldn’t afford the repairs or the insurance! It’s sad.

They want black only run businesses in those areas. Now is their chance.

…except black businessmen aren’t going to open a super market that will inevitably be targeted by thieves either.

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what’s that term?

oh yes.