Perpetual Chaos

The Radical Left (is there any other kind?), after failing to take Trump down by way of nearly 4 years of made up charges involving Russian collusion coupled with an unrelenting media assault, has now decided on an entirely new election strategy - an election strategy heretofore unthinkable. The strategy is that of creating as much chaos as possible across America from now until the election. The cost, both psychological/financial, to the average American as a consequence of such unprecedented activity appears to be viewed by Democrats as simply collateral damage - after all, America is an evil place that has it coming.

Our country has been “groomed” for this new normal by decades of educational indoctrination, media complicity and the perpetual drumbeat designed to sell America on the notion that we are a wholly racist society. Selling large portions of our population on the idea they are mere “victims” of an unworthy system (capitalism) and that they must rely on big government (socialism) to make it in the world has been comparatively easy. The destruction of the culture is now well underway - it is being replaced by violence and well funded anarchy. Media, ever on the alert for verbal buffoonery by Trump, can’t seem to bring itself to report the facts on the ground unfolding before our very eyes.

Against this backdrop we have an administration wrestling in the throws of a pandemic - a pandemic (accidentally??) unleashed by China. It is a pandemic that has weakened our confidence and our economy - the economy the Trump administration was justifiably counting on to ride into the White House again this November.

Under circumstances approaching normalcy, one would think Elmer Fudd could mount a successful campaign against Joe Biden, a dementia riddled candidate with a 40 year do-nothing resume. But, these are not normal times.

Over the past several years we have been witness to nothing less than an attempted bloodless coup d’etat designed by the Left to overturn the 2016 election. IMHO, we are now well into our country’s second civil war. Just because guns have yet to be drawn does not mean a war is not really underway. The war being waged by the Left is for the heart and soul of the country - our culture, our institutions and our economy is under full frontal attack. The rule of law has been turned on its head within many of our cities. The sense of unease and helplessness among many of our citizens is palpable as they observe their local governments abandon them in favor of anarchist.

One is left to wonder if enough of us will turn back the attack at the ballot box in November or will we be overrun by those among us accepting of the false narrative so long hammered home by indoctrination centers known as our colleges and universities and injected into the country’s bloodstream by a complicit media run by the indoctrinated. .


Good to see you back, Doc. I agree with this post wholeheartedly.

PD - Hello my friend. Glad to see you here. I don’t follow the news quite as closely as I once did. I check things out once per day for about 1/2 an hour - perhaps longer if a news item catches my eye. I find it too upsetting and unhealthful to dwell on matters I can’t impact beyond financial donations and my vote. I find it cathartic to write on this site from time to time, but I only visit it once every couple of weeks. I hope things work out for us all, but the country seems up for grabs. It is difficult, make that near-impossible, to imagine Biden being elected. Then again, 6 months ago no one could have predicted the current state of affairs - life can turn on a dime as evidenced by the speed with which our country has been placed under siege on several fronts. It demonstrates just how fragile and how very precious our freedoms really are. It proves nothing can be taken for granted.


That is a great essay, Mike. I wish that it could be published on more sites. The people who are on the fence should realize what is happening. The street violence continues and the main stream news media barely reports it. In the mean time Democrat politicians from all of the cities that have this going on under their noses condone it. When I was a child, back in the 1960s, they would have been voted out of office. Now they are hailed as cultural heroes.

Why? The education system has turned the younger generation into a a bunch of programmed radical left wingers who have the minds of a bunch of spoiled brats. My nephews are two them. Both are college graduates and neither of them can get a job in their chosen majors. They are home with their parents paying nominal rent and professing that they are “socialists, not communists.”

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Dem Party strategy expressed algebraically is as follows:


Create Chaos + Crash Economy + Blame Trump + Hide Biden = Presidency


Good to see you, Doc!

Hi there q. Thought I would stop by from time to time. Nice to see many of the “regulars” are still here. I no longer get involved in the madness on a daily basis. Things are too crazy and life’s too short. Take care.


Hello Sendgop - As for our colleges and universities, the ratio of registered Dem to Repubs among professors runs anywhere from 8 to1 to 15 to 1 in favor of Dems. A 2016 study by the Washington Times came up with an on-average Dem to Repub ratio of 12 to 1 in our colleges/universities. While studies vary a bit, the results are uni-directional. The article noted that 50 years ago the ratio was closer to 2 to 1.

What changed? My guess is the explosion of specialty majors such as, Women’s Studies and Black Studies have had something to do with it. These and similar areas have devolved into little more than advocacy groups authorized to provide accredited degrees. Sadly, journalism as a major has fallen victim to advocacy. In many of our schools, “soft studies”, ie liberal arts - has become, more or less a wing of the Democrat Party. On some campuses, Cal Berkeley comes to mind, the mere presence of a conservative speaker on campus triggers a fire-setting, window-breaking temper tantrum among some students and often encouraged by professors (liberal arts types and not profs from science or engineering departments I would wager).


Hello mdmike.

I think that the education system really went down the tubes starting with my generation. I got my undergraduate degree in 1971. While I was in college, the Vietnam War was the great radicalizer. The young people mixed with Marxists at the anti-war rallies. The most vocal, far left participants at those events ran the show. There were also these funny little men in bad suits at many of these rallies, who seemed to be part of the “old left.” I thought I was a liberal in those days, although one sociology professor commented that I was one of the conservative students in a winter break course I took on campus unrest.

I was an accounting major with a huge interest in economics. They won’t let me get a double major so I ended up forging graduate school for the moment and got a job with a Fortune 500 company. A lot of the students I knew went for graduate degrees and ended up teaching. Most of them were on the left, and I’m sure their teaching positions allowed them to cultivate more leftists. It looks like the conservatives went out an made money while the leftists stayed in the education system.

The trend has continued. From there it has continued down into the high schools and grade schools. The kids are taught be leftists from the time they start kindergarten. Global warming has been drummed into their heads for decades, and now I’m sure that White privilege and other propaganda is at the core of the curriculum.

It’s funny that you mentioned journalism as a major. One of my nephews got one of those degrees. A couple of months before he graduated, he told me that he was going to be “investigative journalist” and that his friends were “going to get him a job.” This kid has the energy and drive of a sloth.

I warned that he was going into a “kick-ass” profession and that he would have to show more energy, but none of that sunk in. Of course, he has a job that has nothing to do with journalism and probably never will. I suggested that he might try to get into the advertising depart of the retail chain for which he now works, if he would like to continue his writing career, but he’s still going to be “a journalist.”

His brother has a science degree that requires graduate degrees to have a chance at making a living. He can’t get decent scores on his gradual record exams so he’s also under employed with a mountain of college debt. Such is the state of many college graduates these days.


Quite true, Send. The flower children of the 60’s gravitated to teaching because it required little real labor, paid fairly well and allowed them to indoctrinate others. They also gravitated towards politics for much the same reason–especially within the various levels of bureaucracy. They could rise in the ranks via the stupid concept of “seniority” and promote any screwball theory that came to their fevered brows and usually still remain relatively anonymous. Government work had the added benefit of being mostly civil service making it nearly impossible for them to be fired short of being caught stealing or raping a child. As those in education achieved tenure and seniority, THEY made all the decisions as to who was hired for what position, allowing them to pack academia with like-minded morons. Ditto for government bureaucracies.

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Send and PD - much insight and wisdom contained in your replies. Best wishes to you both and to all other conservatives that continue to contribute to this site.

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Yeah, and Trump himself seems to have given up. He’s reminding me way too much of Bernie right now. I got the sense from him the entire time where it was like “Eh, whatever, I’ll let Biden have it, I don’t really want to be president”. Trump’s new found love of masks and social distancing seems to be proof that he just doesn’t care any more. Or maybe Biden’s not the only one in mental decline.

Maybe he was promised by certain people that if he played their game, they’d leave him and his family alone once out of office.

At this point Kanye seems to be taking the election more seriously than Trump is.

Are you voting for Kanye, now, Mr. Wolf? Trump has no choice but try to get the independent vote. It’s probably too late, but I have learned that I can’t reason with you. You are the chairperson of the “Let’s Raise Hell and Anarchy Party.” Too bad for you that AOC can’t run this year. She would make you happy.


Mike it is great to see you here, I only came back myself a couple of months ago myself, too many heart issues these past two years and now with a new three wire upgrade pace maker, things improved for a while, but not nearly as much as I would like.
I too look at the nature of the nation and wonder what my children are going to be left with when this generation is gone. Out of four kids, two are relatively conservative, and the two college graduates are totally socialist. I seldom converse with them. and when we do get together ( at least before this “pandemic”) they are to keep their comments to themselves. (Keeps peace in the family) My problem is the lack of Republican pushback on the state scenario and frankly as I have written to various representatives, it seems they don’t want to stir up trouble for themselves. it’s all about ‘job security’ I guess.


Well that statement alone tells us that these spoiled brats who think they are the smartest organic mass on the planet, have no idea what socialism or communism is really all about. Ignorance and false ideologies are going to be the banana peel that our young adults proclaim their superior knowledge. Meh.

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I wanted Kanye to run back in 2015. I was literally telling a friend how I wanted Kanye to run the day before Trump announced. There’s something to that “Dragon energy” thing Kanye was talking about.

Kanye’s just testing the waters though.
2024 will be the year of Ye and AOC.

2020 is shaping up to be pretty lame. But 2024 will be unlike any other political event in history :wink:

I’m a bit skeptical that AOC will survive THIS election, let alone being around for the next one.

The only way that AOC leaves Congress is if she goes up to the Senate or if Biden appoints her a cabinet position. She cannot be voted out of office if she stays in Congress. She is from a 100% safe district.

If Biden wins, the 2024 election will be a formality. 20 million illegal aliens will be made into citizens, and the Democrats will own every national election for the rest of your life. They will open the borders completely and allow the world to vote in our elections. The socialists will win them all.

And if you think change will happen, it will be a massive growth of the swamp and everything you claim to oppose. You are either a socialist who is here to fool us, or a totally naive idealist who thinks that any political extremist with bring about constructive change.

I hope Trump finds his fighting spirit and independence again. But if he loses to a dementia riddled husk, do you really think he could have saved America?