Perpetual Chaos

He’s been well on the way to doing just that until this latest effort by the left to unseat him and destroy the economy in the process. Shows you what the left REALLY cares about…political power–PERIOD. They don’t give a damn about America or Americans except as a means to gain political power.


Hi NJC. Good to hear from you. Believe me, what lies ahead for America is anyone’s guess. I can only hope the current polling data is the result of sampling bias in favor of Dems, but who knows? Trump has spent nearly all of his 1st term being his own worst enemy with some of his tweets containing inarticulate and often thoughtless messaging, while at the same time actually getting more done and keeping more campaign promises than any president in my lifetime. My guess is the debates - should they actually take place and without the CNN and MSNBC moderators sharing questions with team Biden - will be all important. Without covid-19 and it’s economic impact Trump/Biden is no contest. If we had media that were even-handed it would be no contest. If Biden wins, China/US becomes no contest - China wins. I remain suspicious - the only situation that could have brought Trump down was a collapsed economy. What better way to collapse it and the economy of our allies than inject a viral pandemic into the mix? Is that what China did? I don’t know. But I know this - the Communist regime in China cares nothing about the impact of the spread on it’s own people, the Europeans and most definitely no the people of the US.


The current Chinese leader is the 21st century’s Hitler. Think about it. He’s rounding up minority groups in his own country, conducting forced sterilization programs and putting them in concentration - work camps until they die. Who knows how many Chinese citizens he has murdered? He’s building up his military and threatening his neighbors. He’s not attacked them yet, but it’s in his future. Finally, either by accident or intent, he has unleashed the most successful germ warfare program in history. Hitler would have done that if he had had the chance.

In the mean time, we have the Democrats, who admire his system of government, are running their “Neville Chamberlain,” “Dementia Joe” Biden. The closest thing the world has to Winston Churchill is Trump, and he faces more violent opposition at home than Churchill ever did.

The far left is this country’s and world’s worst enemy. Two nights ago they shouted down the foolish, left wing mayor of Portland, who has defended and supported them to the hilt. If the Democrats gain power, they are going to have to deal with this rabble, or they too will be pulled down like statues.

This is what the so-called “intellectuals” in our colleges and universities have created.


What he’s accomplished is amazing. Imagine what he could have done if he had not had the left standing in his way before he even set foot in the white house.


The Democrats have done everything they could to force Trump to fail over the last three and a half years. Imagine what he might have accomplished if the Democrats had given him even minimal support.

Trump has got to tamp down the rhetoric but not change his policies. There are too many voters who expect the political system to look like a melon patch. They are naive, but that is what we face.


Heck, imagine what he could have done if he had not had REPUBLICANS in his way before he even set foot in the white house, and after too

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