Persian Cuisine

I realize that these aren’t “Red State Recipes.” However, Sarah had PM’ed me sometime back asking about Persian recipes that I could get from my wife and then share with her and/or the forum. Well…my wife’s recipes are all written in Persian. I’m posting a link to a Persian restraunt that is very close to a place that I regularly travel to for business and plan to go there. Many people in the area said that they like it.

Shahrzad Fine Persian & Iranian Cuisine

They also have viewable/downloadable PDF files for their Lunch and Dinner menus.

Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

All of the descriptions of the dishes are in English. A recipe savvy web junky like Sarah should have no problem hunting down such recipes.

If you’re not allergic to nuts, I highly suggest the Fessenjoon. When my wife makes it and takes it to my family gatherings, it attracts much attention.

Hey Sarah!! Did you know that your name is very popular girls name amongst Persians. Some of them even claim Persians to be the origin of the name.

Thanks for the links! And no I didn’t know that about the name of Sarah. :smile:

I hope that this doesn’t take me off of your list.:biggrin:

Fat Tire beer? :rofl: :beerchug:



On the menu you linked.


Oh…I get it now. I don’t even think about beer anymore.

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I ate at the OP restraunt just last week. It was rather delicious. However, when they asked me to compare it to my wife’s or mother-in-law’s cooking, I gave them the CORRECT answer.:grin:

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