PETA Selective Outrage


First we have Palin’s grandson Tripp and the hate shown by Peta.

The we have Degenere’s son standing on a dog. Peta “Oh how cute”


Gov. Palin to PETA: Hypocritical much? « Sarah Palin Information Blog


They see no connection between the two. Or significance. The two don’t even juxtapose.

What they are, they believe, is Masters Of The Universe…and what they’re doing is giving their Talking Points - essentially, REASONS for their sheeple to go hate Gov. Palin. That it’s hypocritical is of no consequence. We aren’t talking about OTHER PEOPLE, here…don’t change the subject!

These Talking Points aren’t to be examined with reason. They’re to be repeated endlessly, like an advertising slogan…whip the idiots into a froth. Give them a GOOD REASON for the Three Minute Hate…