Pete Buttigieg has been on paternity leave

You heard right!

Oh and BTW …You’ve been paying him for it!

Seems Queer:neutral_face:

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He should resign. He’s a cabinet member who holds an important position while policies under his watch are in crisis.

Of course, it really doesn’t matter because he is all show. He is an under qualified politician who got the job because of his sexual orientation, who has done nothing since he got there.


Seems like only 1 individual can really “get behind” him? :astonished:

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If ever someone’s surname was apropos … :mask:

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The word “igieg” actually means bandit in ancient greek.

Am I the only person who feels that Pete’s newborn babies have been wronged horribly by society and are about 99% headed towards suicide at some point in their lives? This is real talk here.

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I disagree. I believe that gays and lesbians can be good parents.

I don’t have it handy, but I understand there are studies to the contrary, that show that the healthiest environment (with the best results) for children is in a home with a mom and a dad. All other environments are demonstrably inferior.


Oh my! :joy:

I would not argue with that conclusion, but for some kids, there are no options. Yes, a father and a mother are best, but the best solution is not always possible.