Pete Buttigieg was groomed under the roof of a father in love with communism


During an INTERVIEW on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Pete Buttigieg warned that “democratic capitalism” is “slipping away” from the U.S.

“America is a capitalist society. But it’s got to be democratic capitalism. And that part’s really important. And it’s slipping away from us. In other words, when capitalism comes into tension with democracy, which is more important to you? I believe democracy is more important,” he said.

The phrase “democratic capitalism” used by Pete Buttigier, is very telling and alarming, but a phrase one would expect to be used by someone whose father had a love affair with communism.

See Nothing to See Here! Pete Buttigieg’s Dad Was a Renowned Marxist

”The father of Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was a Marxist professor who really, really liked the Communist Manifesto.

He dedicated much of his career to the work of Italian Communist Party founder Antonio Gramsci, an associate of Vladimir Lenin’s, The Washington Examiner reported.

If you talk about this, you will be told you’re trying to destroy poor Pete, but it’s an important discussion to have if people are seriously considering this man as president.”

It’s quite obvious when Pete talks about “democratic capitalism”, he certainly is not talking about a free market, free enterprise system and leaving the people free to pursue their own economic interests, and free of special preferences financed by confiscating the wages of labor which are then doled out by the hand of government to a privileged few.

In fact, Buttigieg is talking about a centrally controlled system in which democratically elected folks in government manage a centrally controlled economy, such as the failed Soviet Union’s planned economy ___ a system which left the people enslaved and destitute, while the elected planners lived large at the people’s expense.

Some typical modern-day examples of Buttigieg’s “democratic capitalism” would be Obama’s green energy money laundering operation, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, our student loan crisis, the 2018 farm subsidy bill, small business loans, and many other taxpayer financed schemes in which our federal treasury is plundered by folks in government, and a privileged few benefit at the expense of hard working citizens having their earned wages confiscated to finance the above mentioned privileged few.

Let us not forget history when thinking about voting for those promoting “democratic capitalism”, and those who are self-anointed socialists. They all have one thing in common ____ confiscating your hard earned wages and redistributing your wages to pay for the free government cheese they have promised in order to get themselves elected.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist companions claim to be advocates of hard working people living in our nation’s inner cities. If that is so, why are they not promoting an end to the unconstitutional “Temporary Victory Tax” of 1943, which began federal confiscation of the bread which working people have earned by the sweat of their labor ___ earned wages which are confiscated and then redistributed by the hand of government to a privileged few?


Pete Buttigieg is the married gay guy who just came out of the closet a couple of years ago. As such he would be the PERFECT Democrat candidate for president. I don’t have a problem with gay people in government so long they are there to govern wisely, not make their sexual orientation the centerpiece of their policies.

I’m not so sure about that with this guy. He has set up a phony fight with Mike Pence to get attention, and he’s getting it. As you have pointed out, johnwk, he’s supports an economic system like Communist China. To me he’s just one more walking Democrat disaster for this country.


Pete Buttigieg…Vanilla Obama with rainbow sprinkles.


Pete Buttigieg is NOT a “married guy.” He’s a GAY guy pretending to be “married” to another gay guy. Marriage is between one man and one woman. Buttigieg and his partner don’t qualify.


Sexual deviants have a mental disorder and a very, very active imagination which, in many cases, defies reality, and even the rules of nature.


Civil rights ought not be based upon the personal desires of sexual deviants who now impinge upon the inalienable right of mankind being free to mutually agree in their contracts and associations.


Last night a commentator, Ben Shapiro, on Tucker Carson was saying that Buttigieg was probably knocked Beto out of the race. Buttigieg is acceptable to the Democrats as a white male because he’s gay. Beto, who has only a few more brain cells than AOC, is not so appealing anymore as the young White male alternative to the “oppressed and aggrieved” women and minorities.