Petreus WAS Looking Forward To Testifying


I’ll be brief.

The Obama administration, upon announcing the resignation of CIA Director,David Petraeus, stated that prior to his resignation Petraeus “WAS looking forward to testifying” before Congress next week regarding the attack on our Libyan embassy.

The operative word being WAS!!

**If **it is true he was really looking forward to testifying next week then why the hell doesn’t he??!!

If he resigned because of an affair that compromised his sensitive security position then we need to find out when his boss(es) knew about the situation - was it prior to the election? Was he allowed to serve until after the election so yet another scandal wouldn’t compromise Obama’s re-election bid??

Petraeus is in the unique position of very likely knowing exactly what took place in Benghazi and why and who the amateurs are who made the decisions that left our people without the security necessary to keep them alive.

Pundits are convinced the Benghazi boondoggle will unravel and all the facts will come out.

I, on the other hand, am not. I put NOTHING beyond the thugs in control of the country. And I mean NOTHING.


I suspect - and I think you are hinting at that - he has been threatened.


I must have missed the reason Petraeus’ testimony is no longer relevant, or why his now presumed lack of a security clearance would preclude that testimony. He is no longer under any requirement to testify as he is no longer an employee of the government, but that does not mean that he cannot be subpoenaed. And, one would presume, the ADCI can still be brought in, on the presumption that he knows much of what Petraeus knows.

I’m not worried; this ain’t goin’ away.

Another issue that should be brought out is, what were all those CIA types doing in Libya in the first place? I’m not implying that they shouldn’t have been there, but it’s hard to see how their tasked mission is not relevant to getting the whole of the big picture on the matter.