PHOTOS: Inside Shelter for Illegal Alien Children Separated from Parents


Your taxes at work.:grinning:


(There is video at the site.)

  1. Children, who are citizens, are separated from their parents every day when mom or dad goes to jail.

  2. Not all children crossing with an adult are with their real parent. Some are with human traffickers and will end up sex slaves.

  3. Not all the asylum seekers crossing over genuinely qualify for asylum.

The media gleefully buys into this “atrocity” and the Republicans in Congress act like scared schoolgirls instead of standing up for the immigration reforms and border security that was the keystone policy of the candidate that the American people choose.

If the Republicans in the beltway bubble continue to watch CNN, read the NYT and pay attention to phony polls and screaming protesters (who will never vote for them anyway) they will, once again, grasp defeat from the jaws of victory.



Can’t help but notice, that none of this would be happening, if we had a immigration policy that made sense.

Like Bracero did.

Political theater can’t rewrite sociological reality, nor history (going back over a century). When you try, you just create dysfunction.

The very dysfunction you claim to hate. Children with parents becoming public wards, an underclass blatantly ignoring the law, enforcement dead zones where drug runners and terrorists can go to hide, etc.


Also, it couldn’t happen very much if we had a good wall that prevented the illegal entry to begin with.


Except walls don’t work. You need to see why.

Also, 2,000 miles of border and 4,000 miles of coastline for the West, East and Gulf coasts. You can’t block that. You can’t possibly station enough people or ships in the area to prevent it.

Even the CIS acknowledges that more BP manpower is giving us diminishing returns

At this point, we either need to go back to some variant of the last federal policy that worked, or go even further back to letting the States do this themselves.

It’s time it’s acknowledged that this is a problem stemming from the human condition; one that lacks efficacy, and limits what civil law or law enforcement can do. Like guns or alcohol you can’t control this; only regulate.


BS. NO nation can continue to exist AS a nation without secure borders. Look at what’s happening in Europe with their stupid “open-border” policies. Is THAT what you want for us, AS? If so, you need to be locked away in a padded cell somewhere. Even the Europeans are catching on to the damage their “leaders” are causing them. Both Malta and Italy denied entry to the latest flotilla of African-based “refugees” and even Spain has granted them temporary refugee status for only 25 days. These people coming across OUR southern border aren’t seeking “asylum”. They’re seeking inclusion in our welfare system. When a 5’3", 225-pound woman from El Salvador claims to be fleeing “starvation” even YOU should know those claims are bogus.


I’m sorry, did we not have secure borders in 1958?

The dramatically lower illegal immigration rate would seem to say it was.

Don’t fight socio-economic cycles, you get a better result. Maybe not the one you want, but the best that can be hoped for.

And not having to spend billions on white elephant infrastructure on something known not to work, is a bonus.


And ill repeat myself:

Walls do not work.

It doesn’t matter what your stance on the issue of immigration is, walls do not work.

You can’t change that fact. Nothing will change that fact.

Completing a wall that already fails because people consistently dig tunnels that go under it, will change nothing other than the path people use to get here. None of you can deny this, it’s self-evident.

The cognitive dissonance at play to try to offer excuses for this “solution” is mind boggling, when we know it doesn’t work.

You’re not being serious with me, you’re pretending reality is something it isn’t, and you’re wasting my money to do it.

No different than California and High Speed Rail. And believe me, I ******* angry at both sides of the isle for their particular self-indulgent BS.


BS. We don’t HAVE a “wall that already fails.” Which do you think is more effective…a single strand of barbed wire or a 25’-tall wall sunk 10’ underground?


Wow you’re wrong:


You can’t change it Dave. It’s time you own up to reality, or quit pretending you’re paying any attention to the situation on the ground.

Right now, you just showed you weren’t. Watch the video, actually look at what law enforcement is facing.


BS. We have the technology to detect the CONSTRUCTION of tunnels LONG before they are completed and do so routinely. The video itself acknowledges this. You seem to believe that just because it’s HARD, we shouldn’t even try. Sorry, but that’s defeatism at its worst and I don’t buy it for one second. We need the wall. It will STOP people from just walking across our border with impunity. We might consider taking out the corrupt Mexican government while we’re at it…a government that FACILITATES illegals and even ENCOURAGES them to violate our sovereignty.


And yet, we don’t catch them all, because most tunnels, have to be located through human intelligence, which we have to wait to come to us.

By then, the tunnel has already operated long enough to pay for itself.

As the video describes, the very fact that law enforcement cannot keep up with the construction of tunnels, is why they then diverted to the strategy of going after cartel leadership; to try and disrupt the directing force of the people building the tunnels in the first place.

But that only had the effect of making the cartels more violent & competitive. Construction didn’t stop.

Additionally, the walls are entirely avoided along our coast line all the time, through boats, and submersibles like these:

Some of these turn up at Vandenberg, AFB, and even with base security, we still don’t catch them.

Ergo, people still come, the only thing that changed is how/where they arrive, and overtime, the tunnels and submersibles get more elaborate as the “organizations” gain more experience in making them. As the video title describes, it’s a losing fight, because markets answer escalation on our side, with more escalation on the other.


So your “solution” is to throw up your hands and declare the war “lost” while millions upon millions pour across our borders and disrupt our lives, steal our money and subvert our government?


I’m saying that you quit empowering a black market.

If we let people in at a rate that matches market demand, this goes away. We saw it go away for marijuana, for immigration in the 1950s, and before that alcohol, for which many of these tunnels 100 years ago were first built.

It really comes down to who’d rather let manage X; us, or them? Because if you keep choosing the current approach, it’s them, by default.

We could do far better to limit bad outcomes, if we regulated, rather than prohibited. You know the difference Dave.


What do you think our immigration laws ARE except an effort to “regulate”. I get it that you don’t like them, but they ARE the law and should be obeyed and those who CHOOSE to violate them, punished.


No, we regulate alcohol, we don’t control or prohibit its supply.

It’s the same thing with guns, and even in cases where we do control supply, we know those laws work poorly.
And that’s first & foremost the fault of the people who wrote them, not the people breaking them.

Immigration law should regulate composition, but supply should be left up to demand, just like with guns and alcohol.


LOL. THAT must be why moonshiners have been so popular throughout the south, huh? Because of the government’s efforts to control supply? The BATFEO is a HUGE bureaucracy whose ostensible purpose is to collect taxes on Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Oleomargarine. Its agents (“Revenooers”) were authorized to carry firearms before ANY other, non-military agency…including the FBI!


Back on topic.

Here are some photos of separated children in federal custody under the reign of The Magic Negro:


Dave you’ve only proven me right; how effective are Alcohol control laws, in the few dry counties we have today?

This illuminates the point; laws; do not control anything, when not enough people living there accept it, and keep each other answerable to it .

Laws rely on efficacy to work, when that’s not there, they fail, and they create collateral damage along the way.

Laws cannot be antagonistic to everyday human action, and expect to be respected.

People won’t do it with guns, they won’t do it with alcohol, so why would we do it with immigrants?
You can’t rely on police to be the sole enforcers of a law; that just leaves them isolated and overwhelmed.

Reality is what you’re up against here. The demand will never go away, and the economies drummed up to answer that demand will always outstrip what the police can do.

The wall doesn’t fix this.