Pittsburgh Synagogue Fallout


I was not being careful with my car radio and something bad happened…I actually heard the lead story on N.P.R. before I could change the channel. It seems that Our President is going to Pittsburgh as a sympathetic gesture. Good idea. But some Jewish leaders (CAUTION:POSSIBLE FAKE NEWS) have asked that Mr. Trump not come ,according to N.P.R., to Pittsburgh “UNLESS HE PUBLICLY CONDEMNS WHITE NATIONALISM.”
Now , who is using a catastrophe for political ends?
Who are these alleged “Jewish leaders”?
I think Yankees are trying to escalate the CIVILITY WAR! Bah! We rebels is only gonna take so much before we uns march on WASHINGTON in a “MIDTERM MANASSAS” and send them packing!!!


Furthermore…another political pundit has claimed that . if the Republicans win, “BLOOD WILL RUN IN THE STREETS”.
THE CIVILITY WAR IS ON! I guess…of course this liberal rhetoric will go unreported…


Unfortunately many Jewish people are still holding to their total support for the Democratic Party despite the fact that Obama continually thumbed his nose at Israel and Trump has been the best presidential friend Israel has had in decades. We Republicans are still paying for the discrimination that our fathers and grandfathers practiced back in the '40s and before against Jewish people. It’s unfortunate, but even a massacre of innocent people can be turned into an excuse to make a political statement.

If this had happened during the Obama administration, those same, people who are making political demands now, would welcome him with open arms despite the repeated disrespect that Obama directed toward the Israeli Government.