Plan B is Dead! Long Live Conservatism!


The Speaker surrendered. He did not have the votes for the disaster that he called Plan B.

It is up to Obama and the Democrat Senate to either pass the bill already sent to them or create their own plan. We are going over the cliff. Hold on tight!


The news finally hit the internet:

Lacking GOP support, Republicans yank


Let’s go over the cliff…bring back the good old days of Clinton tax rates and prosperity like the Dem’s want. Of course…all those new tax revenues can’t be spent without the Republican Congress…seems like we might only direct them to reducing the deficit!


It’s inevitable now - we’re going over the cliff. Plan B would have given both sides the means to save face and work out a deal. Instead, it’s the tea party vs. the President, and neither will blink.

Higher taxes for all! Obama wants his recession, and now he’s going to get it, unless he’s willing to deal on the spending.

A new civil war - with casualties, I’m afraid, in the millions.


A loss of life because our government is in debt. I suppose a resolution like Iceland decided to do is out of the question? Just erase all national debt and imprison the people responsible.