Planned Parenthood Advises ‘Pimp’ on Underage Sex Trafficking, ...


Shock Investigation: Planned Parenthood Advises ‘Pimp’ on Underage Sex Trafficking, Secret Abortions for Minors
Posted by Lila Rose Feb 1st 2011 at 5:00 am
Big Journalism

Our investigative team has taken things a step further. … During the past three years of research, our team became aware of the horrific connection between human sex trafficking and “confidential” abortion clinics that refuse to report abuse. Read the testimonies of human trafficking victims. You’ll find heartbreaking stories of manipulation, rape, sexually contracted diseases, and coerced abortion.

… Where is a pimp going to send his victims if they get pregnant on the “job”? An abortion clinic, and preferably one that won’t ask any questions. What if those victims are young girls, kidnapped or drafted in from the US, or trafficked in from other nations? Planned Parenthood has demonstrated that they do not report abuse. …

This video reveals a top-level Planned Parenthood worker, the manager of Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey’s second largest clinic, making a secret deal with a pimp. Watch and listen as the Planned Parenthood manager, Amy Woodruff, advises the pimp how to make the trafficking of underage girls look “as legit as possible” (her words). Watch and listen as the manager advises the pimp how to ensure that his 14-year old victims of trafficking can still make money for him after secret abortions by performing sex acts “waist up” (her idea). Watch as she advises the pimp to instruct his girls to lie on the paper work about their ages, and identify themselves as “students” to get cheaper contraception and avoid mandatory reporting laws.

Planned Parenthood’s bete noir, Lila Rose, has snared them in their own arrogance once again. Consider, why would a manager violate state law and PP’s supposed policy? IMO, because: 1.) the polcy is known to be window dressing, and; 2.) the manager knows state officials don’t enforce the law. Other than happening in adjacent states, this case is unrelated to the Kermit Gosnell Abortuary & Charnel House case, but both show what happens when enforcement of laws get politicized to protect the sacred abortion cow.

For those not familiar with Lila Rose and her organization, Live Action, here is their website.


The full 22 minutes of video are embedded here.

And this article gives some of PP’s response, including news that the manager seen in the video was fired. At the least, PP learned some lessons from ACORN: 1.) Don’t ignore being caught; 2.) Don’t deny the grossly obvious; 3.) Don’t try to defend the indefensible.



How do pimps even exist still anyways??? This is too much :frowning:


How do pimps even exist still anyways???

I will resist the temptation to make a politician joke … I will resist the temptation to make a politician joke … I will resist the temptation to make a politician joke … Oops, I just did …


Hehe you li’l scamp :biggrin:


:rofl: How :rofl: do :rofl: they :rofl: keep :rofl: falling :rofl: for :rofl: the :rofl: same sting!


Honestly, I can’t laugh, because the nature of this indicates that the abortionists are used to doing this sort of thing, and have aided and abetted the real thing in the past. I was just hearing on the radio that sexual slavery has become the fastest growing crime in America (they’re trying to clamp down on it at the Superbowl, which they’re expecting to attract a lot of it). And speaking as a former child sex abuse victim, the perps, traffickers and anyone who knowingly aids and abets them need the mother of all attitude adjustments, probably with a lot of pain.


[quote=“tperkins2009, post:6, topic:29046”]
:rofl: How :rofl: do :rofl: they :rofl: keep :rofl: falling :rofl: for :rofl: the :rofl: same sting!
[/quote]It kind of makes you believe that the sting scenario presented isn’t all that rare huh?


I’ll wait before I pass judgement. The ACORN tapes show who dishonest the people who do these stings can be…


Superbowl a Magnet for Under-age Sex Trade

It looks like underage sex trafficking happens during the Super Bowls as large crowds are considered potential customers. There have been some rescued during the last two Super Bowls thanks to different organizations and efforts from public service and travel agencies.


Whoever is perpetrating this doesn’t seem to give men a lot of credit… “Sports, beer commercials…yeah I think there’s a demand for underage hookers there too!”


The typical defense of the indefensible by our liberal troll.


Unfortunately, they’re probably too right. They wouldn’t be pimping there in droves if there weren’t a market for underage girls.


Arrogance and over-confidence, tperkins. PP’s internal “standards” are sham window dressing. Pols ensure that PP isn’t checked for legal compliance and that Pro-Life demonstrators are occasionally harassed. While Lila Rose and Live Action have been doing videos like this for 2 or more years, PP’s response has been to smear Lila Rose and post a pic of her at many PP clinics warning clinic workers about her. Well, PP’s bete noir hasn’t gone away, and even when they do an outlandish set-up like this one, PP workers continue to show the true face of PP.

As I’ll post shortly, it looks like I gave PP too much credit in my post above.


I’ll wait before I pass judgement. The ACORN tapes show who dishonest the people who do these stings can be…

Lithium, despite the Edited-Tapes Narrative, the entire tapes were openly available, in full, for all who cared to see them at Big Government, and may yet be. The whole Edited-Tapes Narrative was a lie. And in case you missed it, I linked in my second post a Live Action page where the unedited video, 22 minutes thereof, can be seen. Live Action anticipated the Edited-Tapes Narrative and made the unedited video available, for those who care to see it.

Face it Lithium, Planned Parenthood got caught with their arrogance exposed, and their firing of that manager in NJ is an admission they got caught.


Some follow-up on this story …

Planned Parenthood Fails to Discredit Live Action Video: Fires Manager
by David Schmidt on February 2nd, 2011 at 11:28 am
Live Action Blog

In a statement released Tuesday morning, Stuart Schear, Vice President for Communications for Planned Parenthood national, claimed that the video did not in fact depict a cover-up of sexual abuse and trafficking, because, “As soon as these visits were over, Planned Parenthood employees immediately reported to Planned Parenthood management.” But by Tuesday night, Planned Parenthood Central New Jersey CEO Phyllis Kinsler had released a statement saying, “We were profoundly shocked when we viewed the videotape this morning, which depicted an employee of one of our health centers behaving in a repugnant manner that is inconsistent with our standards of care and is completely unacceptable,” and notified the press that Woodruff had been terminated.

Planned Parenthood had also originally suggested that the undercover video was a “hoax” and an “edited tape” before firing Woodruff. …

“It appears that Planned Parenthood decided to fire Ms. Woodruff over a ‘hoax.’ Or, maybe they are coming to the realization that they have a serious problem brewing,” Rose stated.

“Soon, we will be releasing more evidence to law enforcement officials and the public showing that Planned Parenthood is willing to aid and abet sexual exploitation of minors and young women. As our research and evidence will show, this is not only a problem for one clinic in New Jersey — it is much broader and more endemic,” Rose said.

Well, I was wrong. PP did initially try to deny the grossly obvious. And tried the Edited-Tapes Narrative. My guess is that that was their knee-jerk response, but after some one at PP actually watched the video, the manager’s head rolled (metaphorically, of course).

Correction Request: Government Radio Invents Facts to Protect Planned Parenthood
Posted by Retracto, the Correction Alpaca Feb 1st 2011 at 12:16 pm
Big Journalism

Earlier today,, and Breitbart.TV published a shocking video investigation from Lila Rose’s pro-life organization, Live Action, showing a Planned Parenthood employee advising a “pimp” on underage sex trafficking and secret abortions for minors The post had only been live for a few hours when NPR began to run interference for Planned Parenthood, the government-supported clinics widely known for counseling women on abortions. There are factual errors in the piece that NPR ought to address.

First, note the original headline of the NPR article:
[Partial Screen Shot]
The article by Eyder Peralta was originally given the title “Group Behind ACORN Undercover Videos, Sets Up Planned Parenthood ‘Sting.’” The ACORN investigation was conducted by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles for O’Keefe’s Veritas Visuals organization, while the Planned Parenthood investigation released today was conducted by Lila Rose and her team at Live Action. Ms. Rose was not involved in the ACORN videos. NPR has since corrected the headline …

Now why would an august organization like NPR ignore the first “W” of the fundamentals of journalism? Were they in a hurry to do something?

Planned Parenthood, Child-Trafficking, and the Poor Choices of NPR and Company
Posted by Brandon Darby Feb 3rd 2011 at 4:58 am
Big Journalism

… a deeply profound conversation took place once (Andrew Breitbart) finished showing me the material. He asked me what I thought the Mainstream Media Establishment would do … . I told him there was no way they would be able to defend such injustices. He said they would — that they would misrepresent the facts and attack the videos creator. He, in graphic detail, described what the media would do. I didn’t agree and couldn’t imagine such an effort could be pulled off. I explained that it was impossible for two reasons: The videos were clear and the consciences of the journalists and editors would prevent such a dastardly spin from occurring. He explained that the Left’s darlings are always above reproach and the media would protect them to the point of absurdity.

The first dishonest spin I could find came from Media Matters. They asserted that the video was a “hoax” and that Planned Parenthood had immediately contacted the FBI to report a potential human-trafficking ring. This assertion was patently false. …

… To my astonishment, NPR had taken the same spin and framing as Media Matters. Thankfully, after Andrew convinced one of the NPR producers to actually watch the video, NPR retracted the word “hoax” out of the story on their website. …

At that point, I wasn’t at all surprised to see CBS adopting the Media Matters/NPR framing and doing the same cover-up … . … But no, the Left Media’s little darling could do no wrong.

This article has two foci. One is what I quoted, the author’s experience in seeing/hearing the MSM reaction that he had thought impossible. The other is how PP’s actions impact women and girls who have been trafficked and the reaction to the video of a key fighter against human sex trafficking. As Lila’s and other Live Action people indicate in their writings, that is also a large concern to them.

BREAKING: Youtube Threatens To Take Down Live Action’s Planned Parenthood Video Investigation
Posted by P.J. Salvatore Feb 2nd 2011 at 9:38 pm
Big Journalism

Not surprising, considering Youtube hasn’t been friendly to pro-life issues in the past. Live Action, the group spearheaded by Lila Rose who released the explosive Planned Parenthood investigation videos just this week, was told this evening by Youtube that they had until tomorrow evening to remove the video pending “privacy concerns.”

What isn’t clear is what “privacy violation” occurred. No personal information was released about Amy Woodruff or anyone else in the video. Woodruff was publicly fired by Planned Parenthood in a statement released by Phyllis Kinsler, the Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of central Jersey.

It took a while, but PP’s initial salvo at the videos seems to have hit one target, YouTube is threatening to take down Live Action’s video over phony “privacy” concerns. That won’t make the videos any less available. In fact, the result (probably at least partly pre-planned by Live Action and Breitbart, this response being so predictable) is likely to be that the video will become available on a multitude of hosts.


I can not understand why National progressive revolution(NPR) would want to doctor a story to show a false viewpoint.


Because I have used ‘hotmail’ for the years it has been in service and because it is a service of MSN and because I am not one who changes address’s, I then set my browser with MSN and am stuck, [never could get ‘outlook’ to work for me] and this in turn tacitly implicates me in the liberal media success. As long as I and others use the liberal media outlets they will go on.
There HAS to be a valid way of either bringing the Conservative’s [ or people’s] message on more mainstream outlets than just FOX.
These undercover stings by private groups does set a bad precedent in that the liberal contingent can pull the same thing and get unique results. I do appreciate the work done with exposing ACORN, and now with PPH But care MUST be taken because the political atmosphere is highly charged with civil improprieties on both sides of the political spectrum.


The ACORN tapes show who dishonest the people who do these stings can be…

Knowing a goor Progressive wouldn’t insinuate that some one is lying without some knowledge of the person, I have to ask. How long have you known Lila Rose and/or her family? Did you or some one you know go to school with her or her siblings? Or know her or her family from other social settings?


These undercover stings by private groups does set a bad precedent in that the liberal contingent can pull the same thing and get unique results. I do appreciate the work done with exposing ACORN, and now with PPH But care MUST be taken because the political atmosphere is highly charged with civil improprieties on both sides of the political spectrum.

I understand your POV, njc, but the MSM crossed that line decades ago, and I’m guessing the only reason there haven’t been expose’ videos of “what happens” at TEA Party meetings and counseling at Crisis Pregnancy Centers is that nothing untoward was found.