Planned Parenthood Knew of Kermit Gosnell’s Abortion Horrors


Planned Parenthood Knew of Kermit Gosnell’s Abortion Horrors
by Steven Ertelt | Philadelphia, PA
4/21/13 11:04 AM

Planned Parenthood has already been connected to Kermit Gosnell in one way — via a grisly abortion experiment he conducted on women back in the 1970s.

But Planned Parenthood Southeast Pennsylvania president and CEO Dayle Steinberg admitted this week at a fundraiser that the abortion business knew of the problems at Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion facility.

Apparently Planned Parenthood did not report it to the state health department or other state or local officials who could have done something about it. Instead, it appears the abortion giant left it up to women Gosnell injured or traumatized to make public officials aware of his House of Horrors.

Just in case one of RO’s Pro-Abortion people don’t like this article being from a Pro-Life site, its source for the “Planned Parenthood knew” is this article. I could have held back the article to see how folks responded, but I decided to be nice.


Yet, they still believe that mangling the bodies of unborn human babies is a good and acceptable thing to do.


That’s not what they said. They didn’t know anything except hearsay from other women who had gone there. Women would come in and tell them, and they told them:

“We would always encourage them to report it to the Department of Health."

Which someone did.


Trekky, when a professional hears first-hand eye-witness evidence of misconduct by other professionals - and have at hand physical evidence that supports the eye-witness accounts - they have a professional duty to report the possible misconduct! And your, “They didn’t really know-know, ‘It all depends on the definition of know’” (my characterizations, obviously) excuse-making is less than weak. Face it! PP knew enough that they had a professional duty to report it to authorities and/or expose Gosnell to the local MSM.

Which someone did.

It’s funny how such a seemingly innocuous statement reveals something you did not intend. You obviously haven’t followed this case, even here on RO, Trekky. Even though it’s been in the news, even though I’ve mentioned it multiple times in posts here on RO, you evidently don’t know that Gosnell was exposed, not by one of his victims reporting him, but by a Federal drug raid of his facility! You need bandages for those self-inflicted bite wounds around your knees!

And PP’s, “Let the victims report him,” decision to shirk their professional duty had its predictable result … Gosnell stayed in business until other, unrelated matters, shut him down. In real life terms, not only might scores of babies’ lives been saved had PP fulfilled their professional duty, but at least one woman would be alive today who was killed by Gosnell’s charnel house!


Being as Kermit Gosnell’s horror clinnic was accidentally discovered…

I wonder how many other “assembly line” abortion factories are operating around the Country?


Who said they had evidence? How would they even have that? The article only says some women told them about some stuff they might be going on.


trekky, go home, your mama is calling you.