The Steelers are going to kill me! They give it away the all first half then the Ravens return the favor. Ugly game! The ref’s are going to wear out their flags too.


Ugly, very ugly but it’s a win!


Hard to believe a 31 to 24 game was so void of excitement. A million flags and most of the points off short fields due to turnovers, I guess that was to be expected from these two rivals.

I really just wanted whichever team had the best chance to beat the Patriots to win, hopefully that is Steelers!


The Steelers have risen to the occasion before.

I’m certainly not a Steelers fan, but I’ll pull for them against the Patriots. :grin:



Me to, if the Jets don’t knock them out tomorrow I will be the biggest Steeler fan in the nation next week!

How about that clinic Aaron Rodgers put on?
I don’t know if I have ever seen the Quarterback position played any better than what I just saw him do, amazing.


the patriots did another 18-1!!! The Jets are in the next round of football.


I can’t believe it! I’d have never thought the Pat’s would lose that one. Steelers get another home game!


Yeah, who would have thought that the Jets could face Manning and Brady in successive weeks on the road and still be getting ready for the AFC Championship Game.

All week we will hearing “the team of destiny” junk that the talking heads always wrongly lay on one team every year.


Steelers - Green Bay! Sorry Mr. President, just stay home.


Obama’s streak of being 100 percent wrong about everything continues!





YouTube - Jim Mora Playoffs!




[quote=“RET423, post:10, topic:28859”]
Obama’s streak of being 100 percent wrong about everything continues!
[/quote]He must be so proud