Please explain?

How do we know economic growth is flowing to Texas? Alot of people are moving there because they can’t afford the opulence of California. Same with Idaho working class types.

Because U-Haul and business surveys show us that.

Also, their growth figures are just better. Have been for years.

It’s not opulence; there are plenty of empty areas in California. It’s bad land use, and overregulation.

I looked at moving out west, it’s expensive not in our budget. I saw maybe 3 cities I could afford if I sold our home and moved the equity, Grants Pass OR, ClearLake Ca, and Pueblo Co and all but the last one look like crap holes. Which argues industrial workers are priced out of the West Coast but not Texas. The West coast is gonna look like Old money soon much like Boston. People are leaving the Rust Belt for anywhere warm if you saw how much snow we had in the last night I can’t even bare to move any more of it might use my wifes car until spring.

And the answer is, all of this:

Any questions?

Future voters.

what about people who burn down the USA over a fentanyl overdose?

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dude. ? education is racist bro.

And I believe the highest homelessness and crime of any state?

Instead vote for someone who is openly racist?

Everything is racist that pile of snow I saw yesterday was racist, this waffle I ate for breakfast is racist. If everything is racist nothing is.

When I think racist I think, David Duke, Paul Gosar, and the KKK.

Taking a knee for minorities seems to be pandering, they kind where you get on your knees put your head back and open your mouth. And most Republicans (talking heads, politicians) got the jab too.

Ok Nappy Old Senile Man vs Openly Admitted Rapist and good friend of Epstein.

Did you know Lauren Bobert got her GED right before she ran for office.

Yeah republicans who ever went to college have like 98% vaccination rates.

Now you’re using your brain

Remain In Mexico yeah he started that back up. So yeah he’s doing absolutely nothing.

No, at least he re-enacted republican policies so I guess he did something. Other than that, get your free coof shot and a free bus ticket to whatever state you want to “immigrate” to

Dude are you a one issue voter?


My sister didn’t get it I cared if she lived and she cut me off when she went on the Qanon train now I feel like good riddance. People who have it have it and people who don’t don’t. Tired to ears with that one about you, you know where I stand.

I will PHOTOSHOP YOU a CERT If you are worried about EMPLOYMENT. Just add your name in. I can upload mine, cut my name off you can take it ok.

I will Photoshop the name out of mine so you have a VALID passport ok. I will break the law for you to stop bellyaching how is that MAO? I illegally registered a motorcycle as a moped so I didn’t have to pay insurance and tags on it by taking the 750cc and replacing it with 75cc. I don’t need laws to pander to me like you.

I seriously appreciate that, that is way cool of you but I don’t think it would work.


Make sure the dates are two weeks apart use a different handwriting style. write the initials of a local clinic.