Please Help Save My G-kids (& yours) from Common Core Illiteracy! (Attn: CT?)

Seems the best way to start my plea is with American Thinker’s article on, Why We Have More than 40 Million Functional Illiterates:

Trying to memorize many graphic designs – and that’s what learning to read with sight-words entails – is virtually impossible. The brain becomes cluttered with hundreds of partly memorized designs, all of which look quite similar. There are children with photographic memories who can survive. But let’s focus on the average student. This child might not be able to memorize even 100 sight-words each year, or ever. But the real flaw is that few children achieve automaticity. Most are always wandering slowly in the forest, so to speak. If parents understood how hopeless and painful this process is, they would never allow their children near sight-words.
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My quest is to find the BEST phonics lessons out there for my grandchildren, specifically, but really, for ALL CHILDREN.

  • To explain: I learned this weekend that my grandchildren are being taught the CC “sight-word” nonsense. They are 5 & 6 years old. After sitting w/each w/their library books for quite some time, it was apparent that they have no idea of how to sound out words. (My time was w/our g-daughter; my husband’s was w/our grandson.) I cannot tell you how long it took me to ‘teach’ my 6 yr. old granddaughter to sound out a 4-letter word. (No, not those words. lol)
    She kept trying to guess, rather than sound it out. That’s a flat-out obvious sign that she’s being taught “sight-words.”

SO! I’m trying to combat that with a phonics lesson. A GOOD one. What I’m asking of you good folks, like CT - and all teachers and intelligent people out there - is if THIS particular site for teaching phonics meets your approval.
Phonics Lessons Free
It does mine. I know phonics; taught my own children via phonics, but it’s been so long that I question if I’m choosing the best source.
Perhaps you have a better one? I prefer books you can hold in your hand, so if there are any suggestions out there regarding that, please feel free to contribute! (Besides, my daughter doesn’t have the internet at the moment. But! I will print these lessons out if that’s the better way to go.)

We do have ‘education stores’ around here, so I’ll invest if you can suggest something of better value.

Yes, I care if ALL children can read, but you’ll just have to forgive me for being a tad biased when it comes to my own.


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My quest is to find the BEST phonics lessons out there for my grandchildren, specifically, but really, for ALL CHILDREN].[/QUOTE]

Flash cards are a good start.

You can make your own. For that age, I suspect they already know their alphabet. Make words using “at”. Then add C, H, B, R, T, M, P, S, etc.

Cat, hat, bat, rat, tat, mat, pat, sat, fat. etc.

Then write a story using those words, and make it fun.

There is also a phonics program you can buy according to age specific. Kids like computer games too, try and find an age appropriate game using phonics. phonics