Police consider whether to charge neighbor in fatal shooting


Loudoun County sheriff’s officials are reviewing 911 calls and interviewing friends of the teenager who was shot to deathafter he accidentally entered a neighbor’s home over the weekend.
Sheriff Mike Chapman said his office is working with the commonwealth’s attorney’s office in deciding whether to pursue charges or close the investigation. James Plowman, Loudoun’s chief prosecutor, declined to comment.

Police consider whether to charge neighbor in fatal shooting of Loudoun teen - The Washington Post

If the police do not charge the homeowner the police will probably strip this guy of his weapons and tell him he has no right to defend himself.


I can undestand being drunk enough walk up to the wrong front door, especially in subdivisions where houses look similar. But entering through a window without noticing landscaping was different? That furnishings were different? Too drunk to notice all that but still sufficiently dexterous and ambulatory enough to open a window from outside and climb in? Put all together, it doesn’t add up. Something is missing (or a lot is missing) from this picture, and I’m not sure what.


The bottom line is if someone enters my home at night through a window he/she will leave in a body bag.

There is just no way the home owner should be held responsible for this.
While the front of the homes look similar the back of the homes look VERY different.
And even if the kid was not intentionally breaking in, he was
A. Drunk and thus breaking the law
B. Trespassing and breaking the law
C. Breaking into a home and thus breaking the law.

If that same teen was driving a car and accidentally killed someone would being drunk be an expectable excuse?


I once had a friend that got so drunk that when he walked home, he actually went into the next door neighbor’s house and passed out on the kitchen floor. :rofl:

The person that lived there was rightfully upset but, it wasn’t like he was a total stranger either. They simply learned to lock their doors after telling him that if he didn’t leave right way they are in lots of trouble.