Police: St. Cloud mall stabbings 'potential act of terrorism' (Somali attacker)


Police declined to release the name of the suspect, but community members have identified him as Dahir Adan, a junior at St. Cloud State University who worked as a security guard part time.

Leaders of the Somali-American community in St. Cloud said Adan didn’t have a history of violence, according to the St. Cloud Times.

Can’t confirm the image myself

Police: St. Cloud mall stabbings ‘potential act of terrorism’ | TheHill


Adan didn’t have a history of violence
Something funny about that statement. NOBODY has a history of violence until AFTER the first time. Which means that everyone can potentially be violent.


Well anyone has such propensity, but I imagine most types of extremists acts like this have been precluded with some sort of violence or signs he is going off the rails.


Anyone shocked, even mildly suprised?


Yeah, pretty much this. There may be no official record of past violence, but you don’t generally go from non-violent to stabbing people all at once. There are probably exceptions, but I doubt it’s common.


Looks like they are all CITIZENS and they VOTE!


Maybe this is why the polls are getting closer. So many of Clinton’s voting bloc are getting arrested.


All I can say is thank goodness that retired police officer was packing. If the gun control fanatics had had their way, more people would have injured and possibly killed if the officer had not had the ability to shoot the jerk.