Police Surveil Muslim Communities for Radicalization


In the wake of the Brussels terror attacks, there was a firestorm of criticismdirected at Sen. Ted Cruz’s call for more surveillance of Muslim neighborhoods. Despite the backlash, he stood by his proposal and said he’s “not going to apologize to anyone.”
“If you want to stop radical Islamic terrorism, the answer isn’t to go hang out in random neighborhoods, it is instead to focus on communities where radicalization is a risk,” he said this week.
Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. agrees.
When asked by Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney what he thought of the proposal and whether he’d do it, Clarke said he would—and that it’s already being done.

Sheriff Clarke Defends Cruz’s Proposal to Have Police Surveil Muslim Communities for Radicalization - Leah Barkoukis

I am sure the muslims do not appreciate having their doings under scrutiny. They have pushed to have all references removed so they can do their plotting and weapon gathering without interference.

Does that scenario seem a little overblown? I do not think so since obama has ordered information of those with muslim terror ties scrubbed from data banks.

We need to step up surveillance on muslim activity. A little old lady at an airport gets groped while muslim walk through with impunity.

Other countries have raided mosques of “moderate” muslims and found weapons and literature tied to terrorism. Recently with the bombing of the Belgium airport it was revealed muslims ran joyously through the streets over the deaths.