Political Asylum: Newest Loophole in US Immigration System for Muslims


When I first heard and read about the Tsarnaev family using “political asylum” as a means of gaining entrance into the US, it didn’t click right away.


US Grants Asylum to Muslim Terrorists but Not to Christian Homeschoolers

Then I remembered something about my own neighbor who had immigrated here from Africa because his village and their people were being targeted by outside groups and either tortured or murdered. He wisely chose to escape and go to Sweden, and then eventually here to the United States.

They are Muslims and 6 years ago, when I first spoke with him and he told me about this, I replied like anyone would: “What a terrible thing. Thank God you had the US to escape to.”

Over the years, this family has consistently attempted to approach us about their faith, their oldest son very versed in the Koran and assuring us that their book of faith was just like our Holy Bible…that Jesus and Moses were in their book, too.

Also apparent over time was their deep resentment of the United States and its government and its policies. One day, in having a friendly neighborly chat with him, he asked me where my family was originally from. I told him Sweden, Germany and Iceland. He nodded appreciatively and went on to say how beautiful Sweden was, and how he had lived there.

Then, he said something weird. He asked, “Why don’t you live there?”

I was a little confused and said, “Well, because I’m an American.” He then said, “Yeah, but there are so many problems here.” I replied, “Well, there’s a heck of a lot more problems in Sweden.”

His demeanor changed and he then looked confused. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve been there and it is beautiful. But I don’t live there because I’m not a Socialist. My grandfather left there in 1903, and even then, he saw the signs that there was trouble on the horizon. I love this country.”

The conversation had to be cut off, because I had to go to work, but he assured me that it would continue at a later time. It never did. In fact, he has since not said a word to me.

Now that I know how he feels about the US (and probably about me, too) I often wonder if he, himself, and his family were not granted “political asylum”. It sure seems like this would be a great loophole for Muslims of devious intent to exploit. When I heard that our own FBI, after granting asylum to the Tsarnaevs, then set them loose and basically wrote them off, we can see how this came back to bite us in the butt. Just wondering how common this practice is amongst Muslims…


I agree that it can be an exploited loophole. The fact that they can get such political asylum while Christian homeschoolers cannot is very disturbing to me. It is just another example of the PROGRESSIVE path that the present administration has imposed throughout the various government agnecies.

My wife came here as a regular immigration applicant even though she was a member of a religious group that was systematically oppressed by the government of Iran. She did not come here seeking political asylum even though she possibly could have met the guidelines. She got in line like any other LEGAL immigrant. She is happy to be a US Citizen and would rather live here than in other western countries. She is very apolitical in that she doesn’t trust any politician. However, she is not happy about the present direction that 0bama and his commie ilk are taking this country.