Political Matrix


I recall the test using the word corporation as a synonym for business. I knew the answers to get a +10.00 but I think realistically I’m closer to 9.6, but I could give a capitalist reason why my answer is more capitalistic.


I always thought the libertarian answers should put you in the negative quadrants, not the positive ones.


Negative social, positive economic


Economic score: +0.06
Social score: +2.17

Well there is a economic shift. But overall I still believe the same. I haven’t change to much.


My score is pretty accurate, though I thught my economic score would be a bit less conservative.

How is it that my views are so conservative, yet, I don’t act far-right?


Cause you aren’t a loon.


On Social issues I am, kinda. But on economics, I can listen open minded.


Economic score: +8.58
Social score: +9.13

Used the critical button way less.


I got 9.35 Economic and -4.78 social. I used to be closer to 0 social but changed my mind quite a bit.

The test is actually wrong though, opposing abortion is not authoritarian. Any government that allows abortion is letting their people get murdered, no government that is serving any legitimate purpose lets its own citizens get murdered without repercussions.


Economic score: +7.1
Social score: -2.96
I am a extreme capitalist, and a moderate social libertarian.


I like this guy :smiley:


Everyone’s social scores are E.V.I.L. :frowning:


Economic Left/Right: 3.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.77

These tests never work for me. They have the worst questions.


My score makes sense…


From our point of view, your social score is the E.V.I.L. one.


Well, I am one of 2 (3?) people on here with a positive one :stuck_out_tongue: (I think Seravee, and OSU barely had positive ones)


Well, I knew this was coming…

Economic score: +7.81
Social score: +9.83

Moved far right again on Social Issues, and shifted to the left on economics. Brett would be disappointed :stuck_out_tongue:

Mainly on outsourcing and parts of education. I think it’s time for us, to start making more exports, then taking in imports.

But, that won’t happen until we start to De-unionize, and start slapping the unions in the face. No one forces you to work for these companies.

And, if they do try to pay you badly, that’s why we have some government regulation on corporations.

Well, I am mean, I’m still more conservative then many Americans.

On education, I still put “Disagree” to funding it. Mainly, because Inner City schools that get funded heavily show no results. But, even though I don’t like public education, it still needs to exist.

My school is lucky to be so well funded, and I’m glad it is. BUT! If parents love public schools so much, they should join the PTA, and pitch in big time. My school lost some funding, and the PTA Continues to donate crazy amounts of money.

Public schools must still exist. But, I believe private donations should be a big role in paying for it.


Actually, I fear that the government regs are what is quashing competition. If you had a free enough market for competition, it would include competition for competent labor.

As to public schools, I used to think so. But now I don’t, for the same reason: They inhibit competition, and that enables incompetence and outrageous compensation.


I agree, but I think the Unions do more harm then government regulations. We need some regulations to balance the markets.

Free Markets and Capitalism can get hectic and corrupt, just as Government can.

like Barry Goldwater said "“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Being to moderate, will obviously destroy us. But, being to far to the right is also bad.

Also, getting rid of public education, would cause huge chaos, and destroy our future job target market.


Corporations are made by the Government, so it’s technically it’s not 100% free market.