Political Matrix


Economic Left/Right: -2.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.38


So you’re a left libertarian?


Haha! I guess that’s an accurate description.


What do you think about the capitalist system
1 It is natural
2 Created by government as a means to stop revolution (or whatever the theory is)


I’m sorry I don’t really understand your question. Namely, the second point.

Anyway, I fully support free-trade, I am simply a bit left due to my stance on welfare and progressive tax.


I once read a theory from a anarcho-socialist that the capitalist system was forced on the world by government intervention. That’s all.


[quote=“Orion, post:478, topic:18686”]
Economic score: +9.35
Social score: -10.0
Your score pegs you as economically extremely capitalist and socially far-leftist.
Economic Left/Right: 8.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.41
[/quote] Great minds think alike.


thanks :biggrin: although i most likely did something wrong on the second test thing but still it did put my numbers where it should.


Yay libertarianism. Except Ron Paul has been turning me off to the movement. Maybe I’m more mainstream than I thought?


No offense, but if you are supporting Romney you were never a part of the movement.


I think you may be right. Well I was always more of a middle of the road guy. I’m too cool for just one side :biggrin:


im not apart of any movement.

I’m a conservative, simple as that.

I have pissed off every branch of every ideology I have encountered thus far.

NeoCons think, outside of Israel, Im weak on foreign policy
SoCons think I’m weak on abstinence, and other small button issues
EconCons think I’m too bipartisan on some economic issues.

Liberals want to destroy me, Libertarians want to murder me
Republicans think I’m a pessimist.
Democrats think I’m some nazi or something
Independents think im an a-hole

I can go on for hours, you get the point. I’m a Conservative, on like 95% of the issues, I don’t have to prove anything to anyone :slight_smile:


We wouldn’t commit aggression against people whom don’t warrant it. So we wouldn’t murder or hurt you.


We just want to destroy him - which in my opinion warrents explosives.
It’s okay JewishConservative - I don’t want to make you explode.


You forgot the anarchists…who simply want to wrap you in duct tape and have their way with you! :smiley:


Well if anarchidts got their way it wouldn’t be illegal.


Economic score: -1.55
Social score: -4.17

Your score pegs you as economically center-leftist and socially moderately libertarian.

Economic center-leftists typically support above average controls on free trade, raising or maintaining the current tax levels, but still support free trade.

Moderate social libertarians generally favor a hands-off approach to social legislation. They may believe that the government has no right to enforce morals, but may support certain controls on individual rights to avoid crime, drug use, or similar social ills.


Well if Anarchists got their way it would be legal to own a tank in order that the scenario will not be able to happen.


Economic score: +6.97
Social score: -5.22

Your score pegs you as economically capitalist and socially libertarian.


Economic score: +9.35
Social score: +7.91

Moved right on social issues. Just came from school, we had a marijuana debate, that’d explain my shift back to the right :slight_smile: