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Many extreme capitalists believe that it is not the government’s responsibility to assure welfare for the poor, but rather that the poor should fend for themselves or receive welfare through some form of private charity.
I am not really against all forms of welfare. I believe in welfare for those that aren’t physically or mentally able to fend for themselves. On the other hand, for those able to work there should be a limit to how many years they can be on welfare. It should NOT be or become an unending source for people to live.


You are right. When I did my research for a paper on welfare I was stunned that I met with families that were Second generation and quite proud of it. One family basically passed down welfare attitudes and thinking to their kids. So the kids in that context begin having babies out of wedlock at about 15, welfare also takes the father out of the equation. So the girls in this family only saw the babies as a means to more and better benefits and in fact did not want a historical long term involvement. All the girls had at least one mixed race (white mother black daddy), interesting they brought up that having a black baby was a guarantee of higher and more benefits??? I don’t know that to be the case, but at that level that is their thinking. In this families case they lived in 2 cities, NYC and in Texas. They were not real happy with Texas as it pays very low benefits. I never fully understood the Texas connection other than they had family there, but they also had family in NYC. They drew benefits in both locations.

They were or seemed to be very happy, their lives were seemed to revolve around applying for benefits, hanging out around the housing area, various TV shows they were addicted to and generally seemed to be having a good life in their little world where most were in the same situation.

All this led me to thinking that the best solution is to allow them to work and draw benefits at the same time. Most work at the min wage level when they work, let them file taxes and they govt then give them a monthly payment equal to the difference between that and a basic living wage. In fact we already have that in place its called the EIC, Earned Income Credit.

And its quite juicy: Phaseout Amount When Credit Ends (for Married Filing Jointly) w/ 3 children: $53,267 yes folks you can make $50k per year and the govt cut you a check. Well lets put everyone on this program and layoff the tens of thousands if not 100’s of thousands of govt bureaucrats who dole out the benefits.


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