Politico busted with a rigged poll against trump


Politico has joined notoriously biased CNN in rigging a poll to claim Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the second presidential debate.
According to a recent survey conducted by Politico/Morning Consult, which sampled 2001 registered voters, 42% thought Hillary Clinton was the winner of the debate, compared to 28% who thought Donald Trump won.
While the large sample size may make the poll seem scientifically accurate to some, the methodology tells a different story.
According to the poll’s methodology, 37% of those sampled were Democrats, compared to only 30% who considered themselves Republicans; the remaining 33% were Independents.

Politico Busted With A Rigged Poll Against Trump » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

While I disdain infowars this has the ring of truth. I read about townhalls empty of people for Hillary and lack of support but yet I am told she wins hands down over Trump by the media.

I read about shills in the audience and prepared questions so that Hillary can answer them. The debates show that the moderators work for Hillary.


Just yesterday I emailed my internet provider about the huge amount of anti trump stories that I see every time I sign on. The ratio of Trump/Hillary stories has got to be something like 80/20 now that the election is getting close. But even more, it’s the type of stories I’m seeing. Heck those around Trump get more negative stories than Hillary does. While I’m a big believer in the U.S. should get what they vote that they want, I’d like to see at least a close to level playing field. And I’m sure not seeing it this election. I think that it all comes down to the left knowing what a weak candidate Hillary is & realizing that they can’t build her up, instead they are going full toward tearing Trump down. It sickens me.


The Wall Street Journal / NBC poll, which has Hillary up by 11 points, was ended a day early so that they could get results out to the news media quicker. The margin of error (something like 4.5% as opposed to 3.5%) was much higher than it usually is.

The current strategy is to discourage Trump supporters in particular and Republicans in general to give up on the election and not vote. That way Hillary and all of the Democrats might enjoy a landside and take the White House and the Senate. The House is probably out of reach for them, but with Paul Ryan in charge, it might well give the Democrats what they want, like it did at the end of the last session.

The Democrats also might have a problem with their turnout. Even mamy Democrats know that Hillary is “a manure sandwich” that is hard to swallow. That’s why the push is on to get the African-Americans and the young voters out to vote for the “Cesspool in a Pantsuit.”

Trump is behind without a doubt, and will probably lose, but let’s keep it from being a landslide. The last time that happened in 2008 we got a Obama Care.


I’m still not sure that Trump is behind or going to lose. The hate thing that’s be spread (to me) is to get democrats out to vote as much as anything. I wouldn’t be shocked if democrat voting was off 10% this time. Don’t forget that there’s a lot of hate Washington feeling out there & the hill is all Washington.


In that poll, I’d like to know what percentage of those independents were city-dwellers.


I prefer “Hospice patient, dressed like a North Korean dictator at a rave”.