Poll: 62 percent of voters say Putin would NOT have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president

Poll: 62 percent of voters say Putin would NOT have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president.

Factoid: A majority of American voters say that Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine had former President Trump been in power.

Neither can Biden or his shills at CNN and MSNBC, etc.

That leaves the entire gang trying to ignore a very inconvenient truth while the world scratches its head.

It’s really not a good look, Joey B.

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Most of the world feels the same way. I certainly do.

It is a relief to be in agreement on that, if nothing else.

You really are a one trick pony aren’t you? I just told you that I believe Russia wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump was President and your instinctive response was “Four legs good! Two legs bad!”

So when I said Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump was President, you think that’s a lie? You’re all over the place, mate.

I revised my remarks.

So you did. Some advice; I find it easier to read comments before replying to them.

I also have some advice: Take a win with grace instead of rubbing it in, because you won’t get many. Most of your posts are nonsense and rubbish.

You managed to turn an amicable ending into more negativity. Well done again.

Obviously, you couldn’t bring yourself to watch a five minute video as to why I believe Putin would never had invaded if Trump were President. I’ll make it even easier for you - skip to around the 3:50 mark of the video.

I compare Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter. Both of them are weak presidents whom no one feared. Carter ringed his hands for over year over the Iran Hostage Crisis. As soon as Reagan took office, it was over.

If Trump had been president, Putin would not have launched his invasion. He would have been too concerned about the consequences. With weak old Joe, he knew that would be no problem. Of course, Putin might have figured that Old Joe had been bought and would stay bought. After all, you pony up few million to Sonny Boy Hunter, and you have got the family under your control.

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At least Carter did not push sick sexual perversions in his social agenda. But you are correct, on foreign policy they were both seen as weak.

Trump had already killed Russians in Syria. Trump did not fear Russians.

And thats why father and son belong in federal prison

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  1. I don’t see a reason listed. Lack of NATO response seems to guarantee Russian action. They’re on a timetable, waiting makes invading worse for them.

  2. Official Russian and Ukrainian forces exchanged fire in 2014; he’s wrong about it being 2018.
    We literally have footage of Russian tanks in the Donbas before then, and the Russians did in fact open fire on the latter:

  1. NATO was lacking unity, as it was, thanks to the Germans:

NATO was not unified. The Russians knew that. NATO did not gain even a semblance of unity until days after the invasion.

Thanks to Sleepy Pedophile Joe

And 25% think the sun goes around the earth…

So what?

So, Biden is an impotent, incompetant blockhead, and Trump was a far better president. And anyone who supports Biden is obviously a fool. Thats what.

Trump was better if you are an authoritarian fascist. So yeah, I can see why you prefer Trump over Biden.

And yet, he didn’t rule like one. Economic freedom increased under him, and Biden double-down on COVID controls.

There’s no clean way to implicate the former as an Authoritarian, without saying worse of the latter.

You can’t assume rhetoric (or an interpretation of what it means) = policy.

You can cherry pick if you want.

What was I cherry picking?

Your only claim is to rhetoric, policy wise, you cannot show how Trump was less free than Biden, because Biden took a harder stance on COVID. It had far reaching, knock-on effects.


Trump literally encouraged a populist movement to lock up political rival up at rallies. That’s not freedom, that’s fascist.

But for the record, trump is more authoritarian, than fascist.