Poll: Race Relations Tension Hits 15-Year High


Americans’ anxiety over race relations has risen dramatically during the latter half of President Obama’s presidency. In a new Gallup survey, it was revealed that 35 percent of Americans are worried a “great deal” about racial tension, up from 17 percent in 2014.
In particular, individuals who identify on the left side of politics are most concerned about the degradation of race relations. Forty-two percent of liberals indicated they were greatly concerned, while 28 percent of conservatives acknowledged the same.
The gap is even starker between races. From 2012 to 2014, 31 percent of blacks were concerned about race in America. In the past two years, that number has jumped to 53 percent. For whites, the number of those concerned has risen from 14 to 27 percent.

Poll: Race Relations Tension Hits 15-Year High - Cortney O’Brien

One has to keep in mind that the democrats fed this frenzy and worked to create the problem. The fact that the usual racists would step in and run with the ball was expected and encouraged. Now those same individuals who fostered hate at every opportunity are feeling the results and wondering why such animosity has grown.

One can not hold a conversation without accusations of racism or not being politically correct. Some have been taught that they must scream and holler at every “microaggression” that they feel has been invoked. It has risen to the point that greeting someone can be construed as an attack.

Now we have BLM which endorses letting blacks do what ever they want without penalty if they break the law. We have politicians bringing police up on charges for doing their duty. The federal government tells the states they will jump in and tell the locals what to do and how high they have to jump to please rules which allow criminals to flourish with impunity.

The end result is so much racial tension and an upswing of gun purchases to feign off criminals because police have told them they are on their own.

Welcome to obama’s america made by those who wonder how it came about.