Poll Shows NRA More Popular Than President Obama


Despite constant hammering by the national news media, the National Rifle Association has a favorability rating of 54 percent in the latest Gallup survey, slightly higher than President Obama’s rating of 53 percent.

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In other news today, President Obama declared that his main enemy in this election is the NRA! Is it ironic that Obama is going after the NRA just like they did to Mitt Romney? This man never stops campaigning!


Well. He has an uphill battle with this one. First off, I read a poll that said 65% of Americans believe the point of the 2nd Amendment is to ensure personal protection from people like Obama. He is push an old, already proven ineffective policy from the Clinton Era but dancing about like a dog that just brought you a dead bird (It’s a present, see?!) Finally, his request for a magazine limit and rifle ban has to go through both chambers of Congress. Let’s pretend for a second the House sticks to their guns (pun most assuredly intended) and votes it down. Well, he would take it to the Senate. Many Blue Dog, Red State Senators are already squirming from the potential consequence of supporting Obama on this win on their reelection in 2014. So, that makes for an extra layer of difficulty. In short, I’m hoping what they are saying is true and that Obama may have over-played his cards and his little reelection wave is crashing on the coast. My solace in watching this is comparing it to 2005 and 2006 and how the Reps went from unstoppable to destitute in 4 years. A reversal of roles would make me very happy.


Yeah, have you noticed the crazier liberals coming out in full force to defend him, yet seasoned politicians weather they’d be democrats or republicans are against this. haha.


This is likely Obama’s bridge too far.


I pray that it is