Polling the membership

  • Want NEW forum owner, who change the forum software, that is user friendly.
  • Want NEW forum owner, who keeps current forum software.
  • Want to KEEP current (unknown) owner.

0 voters

Please answer this poll, spread the word.

So far it is unanimous, get a new owner…

Really that is all there is?

This forum will die then, since I detect no recurring interest from any of you people to save this place.

Your last moderator is going to vanish on you, he is too busy to help me save this place, he last replied to me 11 days ago!

Then there will be no one left to protect this place. Then the fourth crash comes and that’s it.

I think you people are too lazy to care…

I can easily set up a large forum section for you people at my existing forum, if you really want it, invite all your friends to join.


The Forum section would be named Republican Operative.

Come try it, in case this place folds on you…

4 days, only three votes, but is shows the result that a NEW owner and NEW forum software is wanted.

Thank you for the information.