Poor Rahm


Poor Rahm is back off the ballot in Chicago. Does this mean he is qualified now for the 99 weeks of unemployment?

FOX Chicago News
Chicago - The Illinois Appellate Court has ruled that Rahm Emanuel does not meet the residency requirement to run for mayor of Chicago.

The appellate court reversed the decision of the Circuit Court that Rahm Emanuel can appear on the Mayoral Ballot.

The court reversed the decision with 2-1. The panel consisted of three judges.
In a press conference addressing the decision, Emanuel reiterated his position that he maintained a home, voted and paid property taxes in Chicago, and that he left to serve at the president’s request.

Court Rules Rahm Emanuel Should Not Be on Chicago Mayoral Ballot




Rahn has to get the chicago thug geared up more


That judge better hire someone to start his car and taste his food…


The next thing coming to the Supreme Court; “Your honors I have an offer you cant refuse”.