Pop quiz


Please name a group that Trump has not alienated at this point in the campaign.

I’ll go first just to get the ball rolling.

After considerable contemplation I was able to come up with only one such group - midgets. He has yet to malign midgets.


Who cares? Obviously lots of these groups Trump has supposedly “maligned” aren’t taking offense…maybe except illegal alien Mexicans.


The only thing OBVIOUS in your reply, PD, is you were unable to identify a group.


Easy. Trump supporters.

Seriously, most people are more complex than group-think boxes, and “reasoning” based on such group-think is gotcha-laden, if not dubious.


Pete, Trump’s gratuitous attack on the Repub governor of New Mexico I will guarantee you reverberated throughout the Hispanic-Americans in this country. And his venom directed toward her appears to have been a result of her not coming out and endorsing him prior to the New Mexico primary.

Trump need not kiss anyone’s butt, however he needn’t go out of his way to offer voters proof that he is thin skinned. Clinton is already and predictably hammering him over his thin skin and personalization. Last week she painted Trump as the modern-day Goldwater - he provided her the ammunition to do so. My God, Trump has the most target rich Democrat of all time sitting across from him and he goes after a judge whose parents were from Mexico - insinuating the judge can’t be fair - and the Hispanic Gov. of New Mexico - who herself is a Republican.

People who wish to excuse Trump’s behavior should explain precisely how this helps ensure a general election victory.


I despise Trump but I fully support any verbal diatribe that exposes the corruption in the judicial branch that has bastardized our judicial system from the meter maid to the Supreme Court.

The courts have been far more effective in the war to eradicate the Constitution than the political class has been, until there is unrestrained and public condemnation of judges we will never see a course correction in this Nation.


Try to remember that long ago, I said that Trumps “strategy” was to knock out the only true conservatives in the GOP field and, if he wins the nomination, to either withdraw in Hillary’s favor or do something idiotic that’ll assure that Hillary wins. Seems like he’s getting an early start.
I said that, if he lost the nomination, he’d run as a third party candidate in an effort to split the conservative vote insuring Hillary wins OR, if he WINS the nomination, throw the election in Hillary’s favor.


Trump offered no proof that the judge was treating him unfairly. According to Trump’s diatribe the only thing this judge can be shown “guilty” of is having the misfortune - in Trump’s eyes - to have been the son of parents who were born in Mexico.

After suffering through an 8 year reign of a certified t*rd we now have to select between two A-Holes.

Like I’ve stated any number of times on this site, we have many problems but our main problem is an electorate made up of entirely too many idiots and who are too intellectually lazy to know they are ill-informed.

Under Clinton, the illegal floodgates will likely be opened wide, amnesty and a road to citizenship provided illegals who will, of course, sign on as Democrats. When, if that happens America as we have all grown up to know her will cease to exist and we won’t see her again.


This Judge is a member of The National Council of La Raza and has made rulings that are inconsistent with the Law in this case against Trump, Trump said all of that and all of that is MORE than enough justification for saying that this Judge is biased against a Candidate that has made stopping illegal immigration his signature issue.

I have NEVER heard the GOP cry foul when for the last 25 years the Left have been saying that the Courts are biased against minorities and favoring whites, no bemoaning about how these accusations of race based bias will undermine the confidence in the Rule of Law or any of the other feigned outrage that they are spewing today; and there has NEVER been anything close to a valid reason for those accusations.

La Raza is a militant advocacy group for Mexican immigration, they burn U.S. Flags every May 5th in California parades while flying the dirty diaper that some call the Mexican flag and flipping the bird and cursing at all white drivers as they pass by; I see this every damn year. I would bet that they were also well represented at the Trump rally for the San Jose lynching last Friday as well and the police chief that let that happen was also La Raza affiliated.

Trump is a scumbag but he is absolutely right about this and he should ignore every critic that always comes with the same advice on every subject, basically “sit down and shut up or the big bad media will hurt you”; there is nothing BUT bias in our courts and the number of “rulings” that actually reflect the Law are few and far between.

I hated having to defend Romney on occasion and now I have to defend Trump in spite of being unable to support his lying, Liberal carcass.