Pope Francis - the view from Argentina


As I was watching the mass of inauguration today I felt such a feeling of peace to see how humble and caring of a man Pope Francis, especially when he kissed and blessed that man in the wheel chair.I found this Argentinian article about him here that was simple and straight to the point just like pope Francis is.http://bellarmineforum.org/2013/03/15/pope-francis-the-view-from-argentina/My friend and former neighbor here in Virginia, Carlos Casorosendi, has two very informative articles with helpful insights about Pope Francis.From the first:“Francis will be more apt to kiss the wounds of the leper on the road to Assisi than to have his ring kissed. He is likely to ascend on the feast of St. Joseph because he is also, like that saint, a man of few words, a man that leads by silent, manly example. The complacent leaders of the Church are about to experience the power of his sanctity.”And the second tells some interesting history too:“… he is a man’s man in the old way of Argentines of happier times, before vice and corruption came to us disguised as a promise that government was going to take care of us all as long as we worshiped the golden calf.”