Pope Francis: There's an Arab Invasion of Europe


“Today we can talk about an Arab invasion,” the Roman Catholic leader said in the comments dated Thursday. “It is a social fact.”
L’Osservatore Romano reported the pope hastened to add Europe has always been able to “go forward and find itself enhanced by the exchange among cultures,” after saying that Europe is the “only continent that can bring about a certain unity to the world.”
The number of Syrians seeking asylum doubled to 362,800 last year and the number of Iraqis jumped to 121,500, the European Commission said Friday.

Pope Francis: There’s an Arab Invasion of Europe - Christine Rousselle

Well he is not the brightest bulb if it took him this long to see it.


I doubt ANYONE who’s been paying the least attention to THIS Pope thinks he’s the “brightest bulb” in the package.


I like the pope. He’s my favorite pope in a long time. But I tend to like Jesuits.


Why am I not surprised? Jesuits tend to be ultra-liberal.


Tell me, what is a Jesuit?

And when conservatives are mad at the pope, it makes me feel scared.


All I know about Jesuits are all the colleges they have founded.