Portland Attorney Wins $25B Terrorism Judgment


Portland attorney who specializes in representing American victims of terrorism has won a $25 billion judgment against the Syrian government for attacks at airports in Rome and Vienna in 1985 that killed 19 people and injured 107.
The judgment appears to be one of the largest in U.S. history. By comparison, the largest environmental judgment is the $20 billion that BP agreed to pay to compensate victims of the Gulf oil spill in 2010.
“It’s intended to punish and deter Syria and others from this kind of state-sponsored terrorism,” said Ron Jenkins, owner of the Meridian 361 law firm. “If there is no state sponsorship, terrorist organizations can’t exist. These lawsuits which target the state sponsors are putting pressure where it belongs.”

Portland Attorney Wins $25B Terrorism Judgment | Military.com

Of course Syria will not pay it and the likelihood of Obama supporting the terrorists who have infiltrated their ranks means that in the end, the american people will pay.


I always admire your ability to spin any story against Obama, even if the president is wholly unrelated.


I’m not at all sure how the American people will end up paying.


From the article:

Jenkins said he is confident that he will collect on the judgment, despite the civil war now raging in Syria and other challenges in such a case.

“Every time I’ve ever sued a foreign sovereign, I’ve collected,” he said, including “hundreds of millions of dollars” from Libya in previous cases.

This guy may be on to something - Suing the terrorists out of existence.
However, considering the number of lawsuits he’s won and collected on, it appears Syria has a bottomless pit.


Assuming the government of Syria has assets here or elsewhere in the world…he should be able to attach those assets and collect.


Do you suddenly find yourself liking lawyers? LOL


Can we sue the current government out of existance?



However, it seems they’re doing a find job of going broke all on their own.