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What a horrid sight!!! Long live the IDO!!! Down with the Magnaflams!!!


What if we weren’t? By the way, is that you in the back with the hat?


Im the one in the green committing what would be considered a hate crime in the blue states


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You guys want beautiful? You can’t top these handsome fellows…

[/quote]I would top them with hot sauce, horseradish, and a little cocktail sauce, with a squeeze of lemon. Raw, on the half shell, of course.


To the both of you:




Love you Uncle Sam lol.


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Im the one in the green committing what would be considered a hate crime in the blue states
[/quote]:howler: I thought you were the target there…


My wife and I last year in the Bahamas.


How popular is rugby? I don’t recall seeing many teams. Is this just a casual game?


Lookin’ good, Scott!


Pretty much every college has a team, a lot are “club” sports teams but only because of title 9. There are also a lot of mens teams around Texas. That pic was from a mixed college/mens tournament in Austin.

Here a team pic from a 7s tournament in San Antonio, the trophy was a painted cow skull


Personally I think we should get rid of football and replace it with rugby. It is apparent which is more manly.


I played Rugby in the Army. I was kicked off the team for hitting too hard. They said I could not lower my shoulder and knock people off their feet; you had to grab them and drag them down. As a middle linebacker in high school I would lower my should and knock the crap out of people. The harder I hit the louder the crowd and coaches cheered. More manly my 6.


Kinda bending the truth there, you can hit as hard as you want as long as you tackle low and wrap up. That being said football hits were 10 times hard than rugbyhits but rugby is much more dangerous because of lack of pads. I never got hurt in 13 years of playing football other than concussions (do those count?) but a few years of rugby I had multiple serious injuries.



A Texan in England


No it was not bending the truth, that is exactly what they said to me. You can not hit you have to wrap and drag them down.

I didnt get hurt in any sport besides minor bumps and bruises well maybe a broken finger but no real injuries. I wrestled, played football, baseball, and boxed up through high school.


I don’t know how I missed this thread all these years but it looks fun!

I usually take the pictures so I am not in them but I found these two, the lower one is with my brand new Granddaughter! I had to be up for two days to make it back home in time for the birth but it was worth it.



Jack H. just turned me onto this. I’ve always thought that a pic would go nicely with the anonymous persona we sometimes imagine of people. Frequently, it turns out that people don’t look any where near what we imagine.

Here’s me and my wife (we’re Hawaii fanatics):



I miss Hawaiian shirt days. We did it at CENTCOM every Friday for a while.