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I always had the crazy idea that you looked like general zod


I’ve seen pics of most everyone on this site…


I was stationed in Hawaii for almost 4 1/2 years, and I never wore a “Hawaiian” shirt…




[quote=“Fantasy_Chaser, post:2803, topic:154”]
I was stationed in Hawaii for almost 4 1/2 years, and I never wore a “Hawaiian” shirt…
[/quote] My closet is filled with vintage Hawaiian shirts. I love them as much as my vintage Western shirts.


[quote=“Fantasy_Chaser, post:2803, topic:154”]
I was stationed in Hawaii for almost 4 1/2 years, and I never wore a “Hawaiian” shirt…
[/quote]About “aloha” shirts:

These are very comfortable as long as they are oversized on you. Make sure and get one that “hangs” on you loosely.

“Hilo Hatties” is the place with the largest selection and the cheapest (they’re a chain and on most of the islands.)

DO NOT get one at any of the boutique shops at places like the Hilton Hawaiian Village. You will get ripped off . . . you’ll see the same shirt at Hilo Hatties for about half the price they sell for in the boutiques.

They range in price from about $20 bucks all the way up to $100’s. A good one at Hilo Hatties runs about $20 or $30 bucks. (Well, that was in the 90’s when I was last there, so I imagine inflation has had an effect now.)

MAKE SURE and try the one(s) you want on before you buy it (them). The sizes shown on the tags are notoriously misleading. For example, I have one marked “XXL” and can hardly get into it, and yet I have one marked “XL” and it fits just fine and is very comfortable.

Two tourist MUST’s:

  1. The USS Arizona Memorial:

I’m not a very emotional sort, but when I looked at that wall of names for the sailors buried in the sunken Arizona, I got pretty choked up. Is a very intense thing.

There is an oil slick droplet that percolates up to the surface about every minute, and it comes from a fuel bunker on the sunken ship. You can see it and the rainbow it makes in the water while peering over the side of the memorial.

  1. Lava Flows on the Big Island (“Hawaii”):

You might think that miles and miles of nothing but black rock would be boring, but it’s not. The sight is actually breathtaking.

The two biggest towns on the Big Island are Kona and Hilo. We stopped in Hilo one time and sat in an open air café and sipped on some Kona coffee while we looked out at the ocean. Very relaxing.

“Real” 100% Hawaiians:

You won’t find any on Oahu, or any of the other islands, with the exception of Niihau (Knee-Eeee-how), the westernmost island.

Niihau is privately owned, and the owners will NOT allow tourists on the island, so you will not see any “real Hawaiians”.

In 1998 there were about 250 “real Hawaiians” on Niihau. The population has probably gone down, especially since any breeding would likely be “in-breeding”.

As I understand it, the population lives much like they did before the missionaries came to the other islands, so I imagine the sanitation and living standards are pretty low . . . contributing to a high mortality rate.

The owners bought the island for the express purpose of giving “real Hawaiians” a place to live out their lives in the Hawaiian tradition, without tourists or missionaries.

The Robinson family has taken their charge seriously over the centuries (still does) . . . medical attention, etc., and really takes care of those few people. I expect that in a couple of decades, they’ll all die out anyway. Mr. and Mrs. EnviroNazi should consider THEM on the endangered list and contribute there rather than for the the snail darter.


I might as well get in on this too:

From last year:


About three months back:



[quote=“cynicaloptimist, post:2807, topic:154”]
I might as well get in on this too:

From last year:


About three months back:

[/quote] You’re Anson Williams?



He will probably have to look up who that is.


He will probably have to look up who that is.



(now that I know how to upload photos I might as well do it)


Attachments only show up for a short time. I rarely see them. It works better to use a picture-hosting site (like photobucket). You can get a ton of space on them for free.


Most… and it’ll stay that way.




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Must be A&E censoring him because of his avatar.


Man…and I thought I was grumpy.


For those of you who haven’t seen this, these two pics are FC in his Hallowe’en costume - early-to-mid 70’s:

His sister, the same year:

And many years later - in the mid-eighties - my granddaughter (my daughter’s daughter):


[ATTACH]2040[/ATTACH] this pic is yours truly on left, and my best friend since second grade (!) on right. she now lives in minn. we went on a road trip in sept visiting various friends and relatives, this pic taken at my (liberal) bro’s house in neb. i was supposed to be the navigator on the trip, but linda did not always “obey” my “orders” so almost every day we got into a hot argument about which was the best route to here or there, but we would always end up laughing so hard we could hardly stop. it was like that back in school long ago–every time we tried to have a fight, we ended up with the giggles!


Kool, patricia. We always form a picture of someone on a forum in our mind, but the actual pic helps a lot more.

Here’s one of my sister, me, my brother, my wife, and my brother’s wife. The photo is recent:

From left to right:

  • My sister, Helen, from Southern California; she’s 74 and a ten year breast cancer survivor.

  • Me, in the striped shirt that looks like an awning. I’m 67 and the “baby” of the family.

  • My brother, Butch, the Tea Partier from Phoenix; he’s 76

  • My wife, Lynn, in the white top (notice what her right hand is close to); she’s 65

  • And finally, my brother’s wife, Carol, in the yellow top, she’s 78.

I have another brother from Florida, Sonny, a flaming liberal, retired postal worker (as you might expect); he’s 80 and not in the photo. My sister is pleasant with him, even though she is a solid conservative. Me and my Tea Party brother . . . well . . .

I had two other brothers, six siblings all together, but one, Russell, died in a crash with a drunk driver, and the other, Lee, died of brain cancer. They were conservative also. 5 of us are solid conservatives. The “patriarch”, the oldest sibling, Sonny, as I said is a flaming liberal.

None of us resemble each other much in our dotage, but from looking at photos of us when we were kids, we DID.

Here’s me in my Hopalong Cassidy outfit when I was 5:

(Would be thrown out of school these days for holding an un-PC toy gun.)


[quote=“BobJam, post:2819, topic:154”]
None of us resemble each other much in our dotage, but from looking at photos of us when we were kids, we DID.

[/quote]just the opposite with my relatives, it seems the older they get, the more strikingly they resemble each other and their parents (who are mostly gone now in the case of my many cousins). I tried to post more than one pic last night but with my usual klutziness I could only get one to post, so will try to add others occasionally, one at a time.

you have a very good looking family!

I had a stroke in 2009, so I “walk funny.” probably won’t be sending any videos!! age does not vanquish vanity. I once was a good dancer and a good distance runner. so it’s been an adjustment. but my speech was not affected, it was not a typical stroke. so there’s always something to be thankful for. Oh and re the running, I have to brag on one of my cousins who has run a sub four minute mile twice. lots of folks have done it by now but it is still a comparatively exclusive club, I think. I remember when roger bannister first broke the psychological barrier.

not sure what you will think of this, but I think your bro Butch at least slightly resembles jstang!! (smile) or at least his avatar. hope neither you nor jstang will be offended. :smile:

btw if you still have that wonderful hopalong outfit, that bald guy (cant think of his name) on Pawn Stars might pay a lot for it. I means, he would try t get it for nothing, but…