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I never thought Jack was in his 80’s. I thought maybe late 60’s or early 70’s at the most. God bless him.


For a long time Jack has consistently displayed to us a breadth of knowledge and depth of wisdom that most often takes a lifetime to acquire by those few who do. We sense his qualities are rare. I think this is the essence of why we value so dearly Jack’s presence on this site and why he would be so sorely missed and why so many of us would take his loss so personal.


Like I said, internet friends can be more friends than friends in the flesh. I think we get to know each other more intimately on RO specifically because our guard is usually down a little more and we have the safety of the mods here as well as many of the members. I just hope someone here has been able to keep in touch with Jack. In any case, I’ve been praying every day for him.


I actually have his email address. I’ll try there.


It appears that RET has or had the same email address I have for Jack. Anyway, email sent:

The crew at RO is asking if we have a way to get a hold of you. I remembered you gave me this email address long ago. We don’t know if you’ll log in or not again. We all hope you do of course. But perhaps you’ll check email even if you don’t log in.

This was a post from NJC: “Open query; to the Board administrators; is there any way of checking up on or checking in with Jack? one can feel so helpless just waiting for the inevitable, without being able to offer moral and Spiritual support.”

Of course, the whole crew has been discussing our deep appreciation for you and all you have given to us since your message. We also want to know how you are doing if possible.

Thank you,


Beautifully written, RWNJ. Thanks for sending it.


Bleah. Got the mailer daemon.




One of our wedding pics:


15 pound redfish and a happy Devilneck


Where at?


Lake Pontchartrain. Best redfish area in the Gulf South. Not always the biggest, but the really big ones get full of parasites anyhow, so you don’t (or shouldn’t) keep them. This one was perfect. We caught our limit that day, but had to toss several back for being over 26 inches. You can only keep one per person over 26.


Can’t seem to upload the photo I wanted to insert here.


Do you have it on a hosting site? Except for an attachment, that’s the only way to post it directly.


I have it in the pictures folder of my computer and it keeps telling me I have an “internal server error” every time I try to download it to this site. I don’t know what a “hosting site” even is.


You can’t copy a picture directly from your computer - you either have to “attach” it, which I never do, or have a “hosting” site. I - and a lot of people - use It’s free, unless you need a whole heap more space than the average person. I have tons of pics on it, and have used about 2% of my allotted space. You can’t direct-link to your own computer, but you can to the hosting site, since it’s a server. My biggest problem is that I use it so rarely that whenever they decide to “improve” it, I have to learn something new, and besides, it takes more bandwidth, and is becoming extremely slow on my dial-up line. But once I have the picture there, I only have to post the link to it on RO.


I don’t understand. I changed my Avatar by posting it directly from my computer. What’s changed?


Your avatar is a different creature. The site is set up to accept it. All other graphics must be either attached or hosted. Your avatar is actually on the site, attachments, I believe, are on it temporarily, but hosted pics are just linked to.


But this site won’t allow me to change my Avatar to another picture in my picture folder now. Again, what’s changed?


Let me try it as an “attachment” then. Nope. Didn’t work.