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Susanna; maybe you or someone can re-re-remind those of us with short memories and attention spans on how to link and up load pics from servers like photobucket. I can’t remember either and how many times have you tried to explain it to me.


What really needs to be done is to adjust the settings for pics. This forum is based upon vBulletin which I used for years as the Sr Mod on a public forum and on my own forum. It needs to be opened up some so we can post. Everything I have tried almost always gives me the message of being to large in size or weight.

I played around and got this to load from my computer:

its 480 pixels wide

270 pixels in height

41 KB in weight

What I find odd is that sometimes the pic will display sometimes it does not and you need to click on it to view.



Invalid attachment.

I don’t know if I can explain clearly how to load a picture from a hosting site, because the rules keep changing as they “improve” the site. I’m going to check out photobucket right now, and see if I can come up with a basic set of instructions. It won’t be right away, because it takes a while to load up with my slow dial-up, so I’ll come back to it later.

BTW, I believe there are size restrictions on your avatar, as well as your profile pic.


I up loader a picture the other day as a test and it was okay but lately when I upload one it shows as an attachment that comes out okay if I click on it but I feel if others click on it they get the invalid attachment warning


Sign up for Photobucket. I have a slightly different url on my version right now, but I imagine if you just enter Photo and image hosting, free photo galleries, photo editing it will take take you there. I can’t give the instructions for signing up, as it’s been years since I opened my account, and I can’t remember; also, there may be slight changes to the process since then. It should lead you right through it, anyway.

When you are registered, then you will have black bar at the top with such stuff on it as “Library” (that’s where your photos will end up), “Browse”, “Editor,” “Upload” and “Print Shop.” I occasionally use the “Library” tab, and the “Upload” tab as well. The others mean nothing to me.

When you click on the upload tab, it gives you an upload screen, and options from where to upload from. The default is “computer”, which is what you want. If you use the reduced size of the window on your pictures that you want to upload, you can drag-and-drop them. Depending on your connection speed, it may take a while to upload.

The other way is to click on the blue “Choose pictures or videos” in the middle of the upload screen. It will take you to your computer, probably to “My pictures” or if you have uploaded pictures at some other time, it will take you to the last folder you uploaded from.

Currently, it shows your pictures in a window called “Recent Uploads.” There is a sidebar on the left showing your directories (you can make multiple directories) and other stuff. The default directory for your pictures is “Your Bucket”.

Each picture will have a labelled link below it. Click on the last one (it says “IMG” above it, copy the link, and paste it to your RO post.

I hope this is clear enough.


I just tried this from my phone as a test


I chose “advanced” to make the post
I then chose "manage attachments"
I then chose "basic uploader"
I then led the uploader to my pic
I then selected "upload"
then I dragged the uploaded photo into the lower bar on the page, made sure it was “checked” and selected “insert into line one” on the right side of the screen.

Then I selected “done” and added the text before I hit “post reply”


Slightly bigger than the dump truck I drove:rofl:

Oh I didn’t know you were supposed to carry the load like that:devil:


Just saw this…danggit.

Sad purrs,


Check out the front-page blogs. There are at least three of them - one just before he died, by RET - and I think there was one by Bobjam. There was a later one by Bobjam that linked to a lot of Jack’s post. Also, Seravee did a blog post pointing to Jack’s last message which was posted by his daughter Cindy. It’s stickied here in the Cigar Lounge.


RET’s post is called “My Friend Jack” and Bob’s is “Memories of Jack.”

Edit: I meant this to be an edit of the above post, not a quote.