POTUS fires FBI director


Gee I guess the stuff is beginning to hit the fan.

Breaking news with more to be released as the story develops. Please do add them as you see them.

LINK – Trump has fired FBI director Comey.


About time…


First the left hated Comey, then they loved him, then they hated him…now they love him again. LOL


The link provided in the OP has been updated and now contains more info.


This is the best news I’ve seen in days.


So the Comedy show is not over, GREAT, should have happened a long time ago…


You’ve skipped a few love-hate cycles, but, yeah. The most recent love-hate cycle was hating on Comey for sabotaging The CHILL, and now loving on him now that Trump canned him. The loons on Democratic Underground are birthing hissing yowling devil-kittens. Very good :popc1: !


One wonders if it is to late to have him shot? Oh, for the good old Mao, Stalin, or Ho Chi Minh statesmanship: Mistakes came with decided consequences.
And, dare I say, I expect J. Edgar would have had him disposed of, too. The FBI Goon Squad would have enjoyed stuffing him in a trash can with concrete for a bon voyage.

The Senator


Chuckee the Shue, Nancee PeloC and Hairy Reid along with Maxseen Waters ( who NOW admits there is/was NO Collusion with the Ruskys) are all on a tear and talking out of both sides of their mouth…at the same time.





The reason for the dismissal:

Rosenstein to Congress on Recommendation to Fire Comey: “I wrote it. I believe it. I stand by it.”…

"Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein briefed congress earlier today and firmly stood by the recommendation he wrote that outlined James Comey’s ineptitude and inability to be an effective FBI Director.

Deputy Rosenstein’s recommendation was part of the portfolio President Trump cited in reference to his decision to fire FBI Director Comey."


Memorandum for the Attorney General,is in the link to read.

Mr. Comey screwed up badly,his dismissal was long overdue.