POW in Vietnam

Lot of talk about this right now [Trump vs McCain]. Here is a book that if you have not read it, you just don’t know!
When Hell was in Session**

by Admiral Jeremiah Denton (Author)

Amazon.com: When Hell was in Session (9781935071150): Admiral Jeremiah Denton, Ed Brandt: Books


One of the most powerful books you will read in your life, should be mandatory at least at the 12th grade and all colleges.


Thanks, Don. Got it bookmarked for future reference. (Good grief. I did not just say I ‘bookmarked’ a book, did I?)

I’m currently reading Decision Points by G.W. Bush. Actually, more like plugging my way through. Never read a book that could be so boring and interesting at the same time.

Its a one sitter read: When you sit down you won’t get up till you finish…let me how you like it…

Has anyone read the book by Robert Gates? He seems like a straight-up guy.