Praise Report/Testimony Thread


Since we have a Prayer Request Thread, I thought it would be nice to have a Praise Report/Testimony Thread. :smile:

By the way, who are my fellow Christian brothers and sisters here again?


I’m here!




I’m Catholic, although I currently do not attend church very often. I kind of want to get involved in some church programs like retreats and whatnot, but I just cannot get motivated enough due to how little time I end up having during normal hours.


That’s ok :smile:

I’ve heard it said that “going to Church makes you a Christian as much as going to McDonald’s makes you a hamburger.”

Although going to Church is a good thing, God knows your heart :wink:


I feel guilty about it. (Cue the Catholic -> guilt jokes).

It’s like any other relationship, if you never go visit your best friend are they really your best friend? I dunno. I certainly still believe in and love God, I’ve gotten a bit looser with a few of His principles I suppose.


But you could always talk to your best friend over the phone i.e. prayer with God :grin:

I understand what you’re saying though. Going to Church can sometimes help with keeping yourself in tune with God and in line with God’s principles.

And yeah, it definitely helps with getting involved. Right now I’m teaching the teens for Sunday School, I’m part of my church’s summer book club on Thursday nights, I’ve got another Christian book club and bible club on Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights I’m helping my aunt with her Christian/Charm School group, Sunday nights are my prayer and choir groups…I don’t have time to sin! :rolleyes: lol


Im a Christian, of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod variety. A very small drop in the bucket that is Christianity.


I’ll be your non-Christian sister! =D


Missouri Synod is a-ok. I used to listen to the Lutheran Hour driving to Cleveland after my weekend at home when I was still working. I really liked Dr. Ken Klauss.


:smile: All are welcome here :wink:


Hehe, yeah. But my real reason for posting was, I was wondering, what is a praise report?


Basically the same thing as a testimony. If a prayer (perhaps from the prayer request thread) has been answered they can report it here if they wish or just share something good that God has done for them recently. :yes:


I have really enjoyed growing up in the LCMS, its been a great experience. I have also had the honor of taking classes with some of the best and brightest minds in our synod, and i listened to Lutheran Hour as well, i more recently liked Issues Etc. until the synod cut funding for it. Ill never understand why.


Christian sister here. I attend Calvary Chapel…I am a Born Again, Bible believing Christian.


First Southern Baptist here.

God has watched over me and my family throughout my entire life…he has never left me and I will never leave him. Praise ye the Lord!


Oh, my niece and her husband are members of Calvary Chapel (Ann Arbor, MI) and they are currently in California in training with Far Reaching Ministries for full-time missions service. They are still working on raising support.


Calvary is big on missions. They really care about people finding Jesus. :yes: Our branch (SLC) are big supporters of Gospel for Asia and Compassion International.


My brother, the father of this niece, is the only one of my siblings who doesn’t know the Lord, and he’s very materialistic. He has never got over growing up poor, and money and possessions mean a great deal to him. And here is his daughter, giving up the things he thinks are most important, for what she knows is most important.


Oh, so this is where the granted wishes go?

I’m curious; has anyone had one?