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Go has all the resources at His disposal to care for His children. So thankful that one of them was letting God’s love and care flow through in order to minister to you and your needs. Pass it forward.
[/quote]Oh, I always pay God’s Blessings forward. This happened almost 40 years ago. I am not terribly sure that this man wasn’t a literal angel, in the service of our Lord. I cannot state it as fact, but there was a certain nobility about him, I have never seen, since. Either way, the man actually saved my life. I am grateful that God took the effort to see to my immediate needs, and also that He allowed me a proper testimony. Changed my life forever.


Yep, they are among us, and do not have wings…for we would be able to identify them as angels by appearance.


I had 3 days of symptoms that the cancer had returned, but got an “All clear” from the Doc today. Friends and I are giving thanks to God and rejoicing.


[quote=“Carpenter, post:63, topic:19691”]
I had 3 days of symptoms that the cancer had returned, but got an “All clear” from the Doc today. Friends and I are giving thanks to God and rejoicing.
[/quote]Praise be. I am very glad for you.


Good news, Carpenter.


Carpenter: So happy to hear this. God be praised!


Big THANK YOU all three of you.


My great-niece Kathryn (sister to Qavah) had a respiratory illness during the winter, and ended up with losing her hearing in one ear. The doctor said it was permanent. Well, FC got an email from her mother today saying that her hearing is completely restored, and even the doctor called it a miracle! Praise be to God.

BTW, Qavah is doing just great!


Awesome to hear. God Bless you all.


It’s been a long time since this thread has had any activity, and I just read over a lot of the posts.

I have a sort-of story here. For the past 9 years (I think) an older couple (slightly older than me) has been attending our church; the wife has been our pianist for a long time. The husband had no profession of faith. The church constantly covered him with prayer, I’m sure, and I kept thinking, “Is this the time B. will respond?” He had grown up in the church, and had pretty much of a head knowledge of the faith. In the last few years, his health has been deteriorating rapidly, so everyone was concerned for his salvation. A couple of weeks ago, our pastor asking him what was keeping him back. He said, “I don’t want to be a hypocrite, there are too many of them around.” It was around that time that he was taken to the emergency room, I don’t know the exact problems, but on the following Sunday, we were told that he was now on in-home hospice care. I know that the prayers for him went into high gear! Last Friday I got a call from the prayer chain, and the lady who called said, “I’ve got good news! Are you sitting down?” So I obediently sat down, and she said, “B. gave his heart to the Lord!” Wow! How exciting!
The next day, we got another call. B. had passed away. God kept him here until he was ready to go! Sunday was almost a day of celebration than a day of mourning. He was buried on Tuesday.


I remember thinking that if we got a prayer-chain call about him, it would be to announce his death. Then when the call came, it was to announce that he got saved; and the next day, the call about his death came. Thank the Lord he didn’t wait another day!


I’m requesting prayer for Mom. She’s going in for bowel surgery on Monday to remove an area that mostly obtructs the bowel. There was a concern that it could be cancer (I haven’t heard anything about the biopsy that was to follow the colonoscopy that she had nine days ago), but in either case, in her eighties, she isn’t young for the trauma of surgery, even though (thank God) it’s going to be the lathroscopic version (I hadn’t known that they could do that for something this involved). And if you would, pray for me, because this situation isn’t any too easy on me, either.


Prayers coming your way, FC and for Mom. My wife had similar surgery a year ago which essentially removed her sigmoid colon. While there, they also did a total hysterectomy and reshaped her bladder. She’s only 73 now, but she’s pretty well recovered.


Crud, I meant to post this in the Prayer Request thread. Well, anyway, she made it through the surgery okay. She’s weak and dibilitated (hard to tell how much of it is from the surgery, the medical condition, her relative light eating for the last month or so, and just plain old age), but I saw her after coming out of recovery yesterday, and again this morning.

Between that, the visit of our pastor before and after (and to pray before), and a lady in our church who I hadn’t expected to be there (she stayed with me almost the whole time (over six hours, although the surgery itself was only about two hours) and bought me lunch (she was a great comfort), and the hope that it’s all done with (more on that in a moment) and other things, there’s certainly reason for praise.

Before she went in, the doctor did confirm it was colon cancer (I hadn’t heard any confirmation before). Afterward, he said that just from observation while doing the surgery, it didn’t appear to have spread to surrounding organs, and was thus Stage Three and not Stage Four. As near as I understand it, if true (there’ll be further tests on what he removed to confirm the status), he feels that there’s a high probability that he got it all. Here’s hoping and praying some more.


From your lips to God’s ear, FC!


Been doing that a lot lately.


To fit the thread, there actually is some praiseworthy news to speak of. Mom was doing significantly better yesterday, talking fairly animatedly with my aunt whom I brought up to visit (she and her son/my cousin live about a quarter mile down from the hospital) and eating again.


More good news; Mom was doing significantly better still when I saw her yesterday; it almost seemed like she was back to normal. They might release her today or tomorrow. Thank you, Lord!




Still not home and still no word on that (or on the biopsy of the removed piece), but she’s getting around well in the hospital. She’s getting around on her cane now instead of the hospital’s walker, and she doesn’t even use the cane to go to the bathroom.