Pray For The United States of America

IMO, the events that have and are taking place within our Nation, this year alone, should be driving Believers to their prayer closet daily. I sincerely hope and pray that these words don’t join others in the dust bin of history!


For past year and a half, I have been on the Internet collecting ancient Roman coins. Before that I was collecting British coins from Alfred the Great to the present. (871 to present). The Roman Empire lasted for over 700 years. A quick Internet search states that the Roman Republic began in 509 bce, which would bring the number to over 900 years. The British have lasted almost 1,000 years if you trace their beginnings from William the Conqueror who came to power in 1066. There was a significant decline in Rome in the 250s and another one after Constantine the Great until the barbarians finally took it. Bad leadership and power hungry people with little talent were to blame. Britain survives, but at a diminished state.

The United States is headed toward 250 years. We have had bad leaders before, but nothing like what we have now. Our leaders are giving up to our enemies, and part of the reason why they are doing it is because they have been bribed and the “intellectuals” agree with the system of government our enemies have.

Yes, prayer, hope, divine intervention and/or a changing of a lot of minds is necessary. We have built a great society, but now propaganda from corrupt educators and bad leaders are threatening to bring the whole thing down. The end could be closer than you think. Once law and order break down, which it is bound to do under the present group of national leaders, the decline could be breathtaking.

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I don’t believe that the Creator intervenes. The blood of the martyrs, ancient, medieval and modern, gives me faith in a Holy Spirit who gave them strength in their time of need.

I don’t think that the Creator does either. Thomas Jefferson had it right. The Creator “wound up the clock and let it go.” A lot of the machinery is good. However, there is enough dirt in it, like greed and the lust for power over other human beings, which works well with Marxism, which has now gained the upper hand.

Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence was his gift to us in opposition to monarchies and totalitarian governments. I thought for a long time that the tread toward more freedom would eventually gain the upper hand. The fall of the Soviet Union should have been the dawning of a new era.

Unfortunately, Marxism has taken root among the exact people who should have had the intelligence and education to know better. Therefore, if the trend continues, we are destined to perhaps a century of backsliding until freedom can take root again.

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St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. I’m not sure where they went.

Joe McCarthy drove the snakes out of Washington. I know where they went … academia. the cancer has been metastasizing for over half a century.

We need a top down and bottom up strategy to reverse this and it isn’t happening overnight.

President Trump should find a way to cut off federal funds from Colleges and Universities that do not FULLY support freedom of speech. Individual states should do likewise with their funding.

Bottom up, everyone should find out is their local schools teach CRT or the 1619 fantasy. Expose the ones that do and support school board candidates opposed to this rot. Fire teachers who sneak it it or downright refuse to comply.


It’s wild to me that the right seems to revere Joe McCarthy now. You’re not the first I’ve seen express this sentiment. Was this always a thing? I was under the impression he was pretty universally infamous for fear mongering using Salem witch trial tactics.

He does intervene, just not always when we ask Him to.

I understood he has rather heavy handed, but I believe that by and large, he was right. And our current government and academia is the proof.

I am not a Joe McCarthy fan. His reckless and poorly researched accusations diverted attention from where it belonged. He gave the task of rooting out disloyal communist sympathizers a bad name.

Give the devil his due. Richard Nixon had the goods on the true traitors, like Alger Hiss.

Get the evidence, then go after them.

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I think that sometimes, conservatives say “Yay McCarthy” in order to shock liberals. It’s self-indulgence.

What we need to do with liberals – the ones who are left – is to have a discussion of the situation that gave rise to McCarthyism, i.e. the naivity of many liberals of the time towards the Communist Party. However, if you look closely at that period – the Great Depression through to the end of WWII – you find some surprising things, such as a Senator from Mississippi praising Joseph Stalin on the floor of the Senate (apparently, he was impressed by the fact that Stalin, in his youth, trained for the priesthood, and : “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” [Proverbs 22:6]

Read: Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies by M. Stanton Evans. If your library doesn’t have it you can get it used on Amazon for 5 bucks.

I’ve been intending to read a pro-McCarthy book … I’ll see if I can get that one.

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He was not a perfect human being, none of us are. Rough rhetoric but nothing to compare with The Squad, Nancy, Chuck, Mad Maxine, Pencil Neck, that bedfellow of the Chinese tart and a host of others … and he was pursuing a REAL threat.

Joe was a friend of my family, I was very young, knew nothing about politics … he was a nice man, an alcoholic but a jolly one.


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On behalf of all the democrats who frequent this site, the notion of prayer offends me. Unless you’re praying to Biden or Obama.

You must remember that what we have on this site are the extremist Democrats who line up 99% with the official party line. The rank and file Democrats are a bit more moderate, but the people they vote for are mostly left-wing radicals.

It’s a fact of life that the left-wing radicals actually show up on primary day. The rank-and-file is addicted to pulling the lever for any D. The same is true in the GOP to a slightly lesser degree.

I believe that people with strong political beliefs find it very difficult to acknowledge that large numbers of people – perhaps a majority in the polity – do not agree with them.

This is because people with strong political beliefs have them on moral grounds, not on technical grounds. If we were disagreeing about, say, where to locate a new airport – closer to its destination city so that passenger journey times would be minimized, or further, so that new suburbs could be built in the future without being next to an airport – we would mainly argue on technical grounds, trying to balance the self-interest of various groups, economic considerations, etc.

‘Officially’ at least, you will make your arguments for or against this or that location based on evidence, and referring to the general good, weighing up the pro’s and cons of each possible choice. You may in fact be influenced by self-interest, but that’s not how you’ll argue. (“Putting the airport in this place would bad because it will disturb my sleep.” Or “Putting the airport in this place would be good because my property values will shoot up.”)

But if you believe in Socialism, or in the Pure Free Market, or in Equal Outcomes for All Races, or in the Total Unblemished God-Overseen Virtue of America … then your reasons for believing are probably not even officially evidence-based.

It’s obvious to you that Capitalism Is Evil, or that The Governmen’t Can’t Tell Me What to Do, or that Black Failure is the Fault of White Racism, or that America is Different from all Other Countries being under the special care of Jesus.

Since it’s obvious to you – it’s like shunning evil – , it should be obvious to others. When they don’t agree, it must be because they themsleves are evil, or at least Brainwashed By The Corporate Media. Or maybe they do agree, but Evil People stole the election and lie about the Public Opinion Polls.

Where the population share a lot of the same values, and have the same basic attitude towards their country, political arguments tend to be less heated, and more over technicalities.

Today, many Americans actively hate their country, or at least think it’s a pretty bad one. If an Olympic athlete turns her back when the National Anthem is played, a lot of Americans think, “Well, we are pretty awful… I understand her.” (And some will argue that spitting on the flag is a sign of true patriotism … these are the same type of people who, 80 years ago, would earnestly explain to you that the Soviet Union was a higher form of democracy.)

So today, political differences are fought out with white hot fury. And the differences themselves are often relatively trivial: how much of a national welfare state should we have? We’re not really arguing about that. We’re “arguing” about whether the United States is a great human achievement, far better, in terms of preserving and advancing human welfare, than the countries most other people live in, and worth defending.

About 2/5 of us still believe that, 1/5 don’t, and the rest are not sure. The direction of motion is away from the 2/5, as more and more explicit ‘hate-Amerikkka’ themes are introduced into the schools.

But … there is a great deal of ruin in a nation, as Adam Smith observed, and the US has lots of reserves. Plus 6000 nuclear weapons. It has committments it cannot keep, and a rival power which will soon be stronger than it, economically, militarily, and in terms of its population’s loyalty to it.

So … pray indeed. But prepare for what’s coming.

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You made many good points @Doug1943, but I have to disagree with one point. There is nothing trivial about spending another $4.7 trillion or even $2.7 trillion when you have to pay for that with created money and much higher taxes. This is especially true when those expenditures are not necessary and done in the name ideology.

A trillion dollars is a thousand billion dollars. That is a staggering amount of money. The floodgates were broken when Congress pass the first Corona Virus bill. Now the far left is trying to make it sound “normal.” It isn’t unless the new value of the dollar goes from one dollar to one mil. In that case inflation will be eating us alive.

Personally, I know what’s coming, but your narrative was worth a read. Pray, not Prey. :innocent:

I think the operative admonition is, “Trust in God, but keep your powder dry.”
However … there are lots and lots of patriots with ‘dry powder’ – more every day, the gun shops can’t keep up with the demand, especially as AntiFa and BLM go about collecting premature Reparations – but … we must be organized. At least, at some point. Hang together, or hang separately.

So far, attempts at a national organization have been pretty disappointing: the Oathkeepers, the Three Percenters… I’m hoping the former Arizona Oathkeepers, at , now going national, will be third time lucky.

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